From Nosebleeds to Colonel Sanders

Originally, I was just going to delete this draft, because I’m trying to actually write better posts, but then I saw this shit on Animerated, and said, “Fuck it.”  So here’s the post on nosebleeds that, if you look at my twitter, you can see I started writing like….a month ago. Okay. Here’s the actual post:

The Actual Post

Anyone who’s anyone knows that in anime, whenever a male character (or in some cases, female character) sees a nice ass or a fine pair of tits they get a nosebleed. Sometimes these nosebleeds are small

But let’s be honest, when do you ever see a nosebleed that’s small? Fuck that shit, just like everything else in anime, nosebleeds too, are highly exaggerated.

That’s more like it. Look at that massive flow. Once I gave blood. It was about that much. I was sidelined from life for about an hour and a half. Anyway, as you know, nosebleeds are among the more common happenings in manga and anime, specifically during moments when a guy/girl sees a really hot girl/guy in a provocative way. Either the character causing the nosebleed is scantily clad, naked, or doing something that creates arousal in the mind/body of the nose-bleeder. So, where does this come from?

Well, when a person gets embarrassed, they may get flushed in the face, and thus it may turn a slight hue of red. But SHUIRLEY the nose bleed isn’t as such in real life, right? So why the huge nose explosion in anime? Does it symbolize a boner? Has anyone you know ever gotten a nosebleed from seeing a naked girl? I sure haven’t, and I see naked girls plenty of times (like in figure drawing, and last week we actually drew a pretty hot girl). So what the fuck is going on. I found it interesting how in anime, the characters treat nosebleeds like a common occurrence.

At this point in the post, you might start to get an idea as to why I never wanted to actually publish this post, because I really have nothing else to say. Was I even trying to make a point here? I have no idea. I guess I’ll just point out another obvious thing found in anime/manga: Colonel Sanders:

Japanese People Love Colonel Sanders

This is another post that I started about a month ago, and I didn’t publish/finish it for the same reasons as the nosebleed post, but I’ll throw it up because it’s kind of similar.

I was reading Mahou Sensei Negima (which is awesome). And immediatly saw the name Colonel Sanders in a tournament, which struck me as awesome, odd, and nostalgic, because Colonel Sanders probably has more cameos in anime than any other character.

Colonel Sanders is fucking everything. Like, honestly. I just saw him in Ai Kora too! Let’s see how many aspects I can find:

I’m pretty sure he’s in more stuff, but I can’t remember what. If you’ve watched a lot of anime, you know that the Colonel is a common occurrence, and that is both odd and awesome. That’s all I have to say. I realize that this post was not that great. My next one will have actual content though. Also, only one of these screeshits was found via google (the last one).