Shakugan no Shana III: The Progression of Character for Shana

i’m guessing I won’t get many comments on this post, considering that all of the Shakugan no Shana reviews have come and gone from everyone, but mine’s the only one anyone should be concerned about, because I’ve been one of the biggest fans for the past 5 years.

Shakugan no Shana officially ended for me on April 2nd at 1:54 in the morning. I shed a tear almost (I actually tried really hard to cry but in the end I couldn’t get anything more than a little choked up). The show was over. Now, I’m a gigantic Shakugan no Shana fan. It opened it’s arms to me long ago and invited me into the world of anime, and introduced me to Rie Kugimiya, the greatest seiyuu who ever lived (who by the way, was FUCKING PHENOMENAL in this season). So clearly I must have a completely bias opinion of the show, right?


So in a nutshell, Yuji joins the bad guys (fuck, he leads the bad guys), starts a war that kills everyone, and then waits until thousands are dead before he finally tells Shana what his plan was from the beginning, at which point Shana pretty much tells him that he’s a fucking idiot and should have just said his plan from the start since it’s not a bad plan at all.

And believe me, it really wasn’t a bad plan. In fact, it was brilliant. Yuji pretty much solves every single problem on Earth: from the Tomogara, to the fighting, to torches that have disappeared. Fuck he even gets his power of existence back, so he’s no longer a torch. I’d go so far as to agree with Riyoga and say that because of his plan, Shakugan no Shana was one of the few anime that had an ending where every single loose end was tied up. Sure he committed genocide in the process, but then again, who hasn’t?

That’s one thing I thought was odd. He causes the deaths of all these people, and his only punishment is making out with Shana while flying through the sky (which is pretty fucking awesome). That’s like capturing Hitler and sentencing him to sleep with a bunch of hot women as punishment for his crimes.

Okay so that might have been a bit extreme of an example, and now I kind of feel like a huge douchbag for bringing up Hitler in anyway, but that’s still essentially what happend, and I must say, this had me confused for most of the series:

Why didn’t he just sit down with some Flame Haze, discuss his plan through negotiations, and then ta daaa! Problem solved. If they didn’t agree with his idea? Okay, then you go to war.

Okay, so Yuji started a huge fuckin war because he’s an idiot and doesn’t think. I’ll accept that for now, because I want to talk about how much ass everything else in this season kicked.

I can totally see this yuri couple forming and taking care of Justus together.

Oh snap! Proven right! They're officially a couple (in my mind).

For one, the characters kicked ass, and as you may know, that’s a BIG plus for me. It’s my opinion that a show is good or bad mainly due to the characters. The problem? There were about 304958393 new characters, and each one had a name + a Crimson Lord, which means 2 names (sometimes three), so that made it a bit confusing. That being said, the characters all had their own personalities and awesome powers, and I loved every single one of them. Especially Rebecca Reed.

Rebecca Reed is bad ass, but funny. She’s pretty upbeat and carefree, but she’s also got strength that scares enemies shitless, as in, “Oh fuck not this girl again. Welp, we’re alllll dead.” I also like how Rebecca was kinda tomboyish. I love tomboyish girls, and that’s why Rebecca Reed was my favorite new character, pretty much from the second she was introduced in episode 6 or whatever.

And look at her with Wilhelmina, who is also one of my favorites. Who can’t see them totally getting together and maybe who knows marrying each other thus creating the greatest yuri duo in anime history? I sure can. In fact, I’m assuming that their pairing has happened and been consummated, and anyone who doesn’t believe that should suck my dick NOW.

Speaking of awesome characters, you know who I want to see more of?

She looks fucking badass.

I think it would be awesome to have a prequel of maybe 7 episodes or so that shows the past of the above Fucking Awesome Flame Haze (who is cooler looking/way hotter than Shana). Maybe throw Wilhelmina and Rebecca somewhere in there toward the end having lesbian sex or something idk. That would be an awesome prequel (even without the lesbian scenes).

The fact is every single character was awesome, even the bad guys.

Speaking of the bad guys, who were the bad guys? The Tomogara? They ate humans because they had to in order to live. It’s called a food chain. Actually, Tomogara didn’t even eat people, they ate people’s existence. So it’s not even that bad (right?).

The Flame Haze were kind of just being dicks to them the whole time. Even when the Tomogara wanted to just get the fuck out of there and live a normal life in another world, the Flame Haze kept murdering them until they died from it. (third quote)

Anyway, putting the mistakes aside, the action and story progression murdered the shit out of the previous season. There wasn’t a single filler minute let alone episode. No stupid visits to the waterpark or episodes that described love. This was all action and plot from beginning to end. Zero bullshit (you know, if you could over look the whole Yuji being an idiot. And there are valid excuses for his actions too I guess).

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is how Shana changed as a character from the 1st episode way back in 2007 until the very end.

Shakugan no Shana I

Shana first showed up as a Flame Haze similar to Wilhenmina (who also changed a LOT), in that she followed the rules, did her job, and showed very little of her own emotions. She was almost emotionless in the first few episodes, doing only what she thought a Flame Haze should do.

Then of course she somehow developed feelings for Yuji, and began to change. She ignored her feelings because she didn’t fully understand them, thus falling into the tsundere role.

And what a tsundere she was.

When you say Shana, most people automatically think tsundere, and in the first season, she certainly was one, and I think that’s part of what made the first season so fun to watch. I loved the first season. This season was good, definitely, but it was almost a completely different show then the first season. The first season had the melon bread, the Shana-tan, the Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! and the jokes. It had the funny tsundere to offset the other serious tones of the show, which all kicked ass.

Toward the end of the first season, Shana began to realize her feelings (though she still didn’t quite understand them as love), and her tsundere label started to peel off. Then came season 2.

Shakugan no Shana II

In the second season, she wasn’t so much tsundere as she was a confused girl. She wasn’t really fighting her emotions like she was in the first season (well, she still was at times). I felt like she knew the feelings and was trying to understand them so she could act on them, which was the point of all of those bullshit episodes about cooking shit and visiting waterparks and asking Margery Daw what love was. The second season was all about her understanding what love is…and that’s why everyone said the season sucked.

So skip to this season.

Shakugan no Shana III

We have a completely different Shana. This one understands everything. She knows her feelings and she knows herself as a person. She’s completely different than the tsundere that she started off as. Now she’s mature and has her sights set on what she wants. To me, it’s pretty fucking awesome to see the difference, and I feel like the series as a whole deserves a lot of credit for showing that gradual progression as well as it did.


I was entertained the entire time I watched this show through the characters and awesome fight scenes.  It obviously wasn’t as good as the first season (nothing will be), but it was definitely better than the 2nd season (by a little bit).

The few drawbacks have to be the stupidity of Yuji and the lack of comedic relief. It was a very serious series for the most part. I mean, sure Rebecca and that stupid scientist guy gave a little relief, but where’s the Urusai! and the melon bread and the Margery Daw’s awesome dialogue with Marchosias (I LOVE watching them two argue I could watch it for days on end)? Just a little bit. I mean, Shana only ate Melon Bread once and it wasn’t even Japanese Melon Bread!


One other thing that confused me though was Pheles and Johann. I get their story in that Pheles fell in love with Johann, Johann was fatally injured and so Pheles stored him inside the Reiji Maigo and then looked for him yatta yatta yatta.

What confused me is what the fuck makes them so important? Are they like super powerful or something? And what did Pheles “not want to do, but ended up doing anyway”? What the fuck? Like Johann wanted her to do something that she didn’t want to do? I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Anyway, looking back on the season, I’d have to say that one thing that stood out was the ending, which I’ll agree with Riyoga, was one of the best endings out there in that it tied up pretty much every loose end ever, even the torch girl from the 1st season (I already said this. Oh well).

Remember me?

It was an awesome season, better than a lot of other shows out there this year. But I did expect a little more to be honest. Still, no hesitation in giving this season a well deserved


(see full grading chart here)

Bill should've known not to fuck with Shana, now he got his ass kicked by a Flame Haze for the third time.

Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XVI: “S”

Back for more baby let’s do this. By the way, today I finally reached comment 2000. That’s pretty crappy considering this site is almost a year old. On to the good stuff.

Samurai 7 -Shimada Kambei

*This show was dropped at 23

In the actual live action/originally film done by Akira Kurosawa (which was absolutely brilliant), my favorite character was quite easily Kikuchiyo, but they turned him into a fucking stupid Robot in this one, which not only made me angry, but mad, flustered, perturbed, and angry as well (not to mention angry). Of course, the characters weren’t all that bad in this anime, but the immensely slow pacing and lack of any type of action/points of intrigue were a problem, and the main reason why I dropped the show (the whole robot adaptation thing also pissed me off a bit, and seemed kind of corny and stupid to me).

I’ll go ahead and say that Kambei is my favorite character, just because he looks like the man, and acts like the man, and thus, is the man. He’s also a nasty fighter.

Samurai Champloo – Mugen

Well let’s see, considering that Mugen is my header, I’d say that most people could tell beforehand who I was going to choose here. Mugen is the man. Mugen kicks ass. Mugen is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.

The End.

Wait: Mugen is fucking awesome, and one of the best characters ever, which can also be said for the series.

The End for real.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (all seasons) -Matoi Tsunetsuki

Before I even begin this, I will say that the cast of SZS is the best that I have seen ever, besides Hayate and maybe FMA. I honestly could put almost any character in a top spot for almost any other show. but among the many awesome characters, My favorite would have to be Matoi Tsunetsuki, because, quite obviously, she’s a stalker, and stalkers rule (in anime). She stalks whoever she falls in love with, and she has fallen in love with Nozomu, and thusly always shows up at points where you least expect, because she’s literally always stalking Nozomu. It’s great. I give her the ASA (Anime Stalker Award) for her great performance at being a stalker.

Other Notables:

  • Chiri Kitsu – Crazy Bitch.
  • Abiru Kobushi – Bandage Girl who steals tails from animals.
  • Kiri Komori – Hikikomori girl, except instead of staying at home, she stays at school, wrapped in a blanket.

Never mind Notables. I would have to name every single character. God I love this show.

School Days – Kotonoha Katsura

Meet Kotonoha, a quiet girl for the most part. She is generally shy around people, and it takes a LOT for her to actually confess to the main character, Makoto. Eventually the two date, and couldn’t be happier. Then a few small things happen, and when it’s all said and done, she is carrying around Makoto’s head in a dufflebag, and even killed her rival for Makoto’s affections. What a dynamic character.

Sengoku Basara – Nobunaga Oda

I really, REALLY, shouldn’t have to explain this one, but I will anyway:

  1. Voiced by Norio Wakamoto.
  2. Drinks for a fucking SKULL.
  3. Kills EVERYTHING.
  4. Doesn’t give a SHIT (about killing whoever, whenever).
  5. Just fucking awesome.

I’m done!

Serial Experiments: Lain – Lain

In this, completely awesome show, which is one of the coolest shows I’ve seen, Lain is probably one of the most dynamic characters that I’ve seen. At the start of the series, Lain is nothing more than a shy 14-year-old girl, living a seemingly normal life, until she’s introduced to The Wired (kind of like the internet). From here, she…….well….I don’t want to ruin it in case no one’s seen this show (go watch it now), but Lain changes in several ways. personally, I loved this anime’s complexity and how it dealt with the definition of reality, along with the definition of one’s self (did I even get that right?).

I kinda want to re watch this now.

Shakugan no Shana – Shana

Well, not a big surprise here. Shana, besides being one of Rie Kugimiya’s most well-known characters, is actually one of the best tsundere characters…..ever. I’m sure by now most people know that I really really really really like Shakugan no Shana, and all of its characters are great, but Shana? Pffffffff. Fagetaboutttt it. First there’s the character design. Although it’s pretty much the norm for most Rie Kugimiya characters (short, no breasts), Shana is a Flame Haze, and is generally awesome when she decides to get serious. Here hair pretty much turns to fire, and she looks fucking awesome. Then of course there’s her.

As a character, Shana has a lot on her plate. Not only does she slice up the bad guys with an awesome SAMURAI SWORD, but she also deals with adapting to human interaction (or I guess Torch interaction at first). In the beginning, she seemed pretty apathetic when a person died or became a torch, but through interacting with Yuji, she begins to change, and develops feelings of love and friendship (honestly that’s not even a reason why I like her, I just like her because she looks cool, kicks ass, and is played by Rie Kugimiya).

The second season was pretty shitty, and Shana kind of got annoying (as did all of the characters) until they started fighting, where Shana suddenly became fucking awesome again, and whooped ass.

Shaman King – Anna Kyoyama

She is Yoh’s fiancée by arranged marriage, and is pretty much awesome, because she is such a bitch, but at the same time, you can tell that she has genuine feelings for Yoh. She is always the person who has to whip Yoh into shape and force him to get his ass in gear, and she also demands. See the picture above? That’s her general demeanor. She rarely smiles. Oh, and yes, she has powers.

I didn’t have much to say about her, but despite that, she’s actually one of my favorite characters (I’m not going to try and rank her, but out of all the characters on this list, she’d be in the better half of them.

Shikabane Hime – Hokuto

First and foremost, as you can tell, she’s a crazy bitch. Considering that she’s a Shikabane with no regrets, or feelings whatsoever, she treats everything like a kid seeing something for the first time. Except she’s a kid who likes to just kill everything. If you say, “Kill that person,” then she’ll start laughing, and kill that person, and not just kill them, but shred them to pieces. It’s a nice trait to have.

Point number two, look at her eyes. They’re inverted, which is like heterochromia to another level. AWESOME. Not to mention the white hair and the crazy red mark on the left of her face (her left). She’s just one more reason to like Shikabane Hime (which was good).

Simoun – Aer

Aer is the best. Neviril is the worst. That is how it goes with me. In case you didn’t read the picture title, Aer is the one on the left (your left). What makes this whore so special?

Well first of all, she’s a whore. Okay that’s not true, but as far as characters go, she was one character that was upbeat and fun, and helped make this anime become really good. She really went at Neviril (in a lesbian way, although not technically), and that’s something I can respect. not much more to say here, but I do want to touch on he show a little bit.

Simoun was a great show (even though I got a bit confused by the ending). But to say that it’s yuri? Meh. Not really. You see, in their world, all people are born as females, and then later choose to be males, or remain as females. So technically, nothing is really yuri from the stand point of the characters. Any relationships (or most anyway) that form between these girls usually would not be yuri, because one of the girls would more than likely eventually decide to become a man (gotta make babies). Of course, this show still managed to produce a set of lesbian incest girls, but that’ Japan for you.

I understand that that explanation sucked. But I sort of, kind of got out what I was trying to say.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo – Honoko Kawai

I’m beginning to think that all shows starting with the letter “S” are instantly awesome. I like almost every single show on this list so far, albeit the first one. Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is no different. Great show, great cast, great greatness. I almost picked Jun Fukuyama’s character, which was almost like a robot version of Lelouch, albeit funnier (I need to stop saying “albeit”), but in the end, Honoka’s greatness could not be overcome. Reasons:

  • She’s got a fucking cool hat.
  • Telekinetic powers and glowing red eyes.
  • She’s a typical quite girl character.
  • She’s just, really, awesome.

Spice and Wolf – Horo

Anyone who’s seen Spice and Wolf knows that Horo makes the show. Her personality is so awesome, that without her, the show would suck. Fortunately, the show includes her, so it is actually really really good. Basically, Horo is a couple things.

Firstly, she loves to tease Lawrence. Sometimes she acts turned on by him, just to get a reaction out of him. Sometimes she asks odd questions, to make him embarrassed. However, despite her teasing, it’s pretty obvious that she has genuine feelings for Lawrence, and here she develops sort of a tsundere attitude (sort of). She’s not full tsundere, but she definitely displays characteristics of one.

Why else is she awesome? Well for one, she loves eating and getting shit faced on  regular basis. Does that really make her cool though? Yes. Yes it does.

Strike Witches – Mio Sakamoto

Strike Witches, despite being a bunch of lolis without pants, was actually a pretty good show, and I was able to tolerate the blatant fanservice because I kind of enjoyed the plot (zippin around in those boot things looked kinda fun). Anyway, Mio Sakamoto. Look at the picture (stare HARD) and you should find out one reason why I like her.

That’s right, a magical eye that is covered by an eye patch. What can I say, I dig the eye patch. They make any character look cool. Even Watanuki looks cooler when he has an eye patch (in fact, I’d say the episodes got better when he had an eye patch too….God I miss xxxHOLiC).

Besides this, she wields a samurai sword and has an attitude of a winner. She’s a born leader and has the ability to not take shit, or act like moe garbage, or realize that she’s in a fanservice anime, like most of the other girls in this show.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu – Yuki Nagato

Well, here is a character who for some reason I keep reverting back to when I see other characters like her. She’s a typical quiet character, but she certainly isn’t the first. However, she is probably one of the most popular.

First of all, I would like to say that anyone who thinks that Mikuru is the best character can either suck my dick, jump off a cliff, or punch themselves in the privates until they become numb. Mikuru sucks. She’s just fucking annoying in so many ways. She cries and gets embarrassed all the time. She’s honestly just a pain. Where was she on my top 5 most hated characters post, is what I want to know.

Anyway, back to Yuki. She’s an alien, which is awesome. She’s all business, and rarely talks, which is awesome, and she’s generally awesome, which is awesome. I mean, she had to go through the endless eight around 15 thousand times. We only had to endure it for 9 or so episodes. I might have to consider her a bad ass now (she does do some bad ass stuff).

Well with that I have finished “S”. I’m probably going to do two more of these posts (maybe three). Almost at the end baby!

Shakugan no Shana III – Autumn?

Well I’ve been looking for news on Shana pretty much everyday. I have serious, deep routed issues that make me do so. Anyway, Today I finally found something…I think. I typed in Shakugan no Shana III in google and the following site came up:

I read the article and am now satisfied that Shakugan no Shana will continue this fall. To sum up the article, here is an excerpt and a picture. I’ll even label them so you know which is which:


“In autumn ‘that title’ which everyone loves will get its continuation.”


I can read this, but translation into English is a whole different story.

I guess this says something about Shakugan no Shana, I really don’t know, so I’ll take said website’s word for it, but look at the picture of Index, from To Aru Majutsu no Index, a show made by the same production studio, which has already produced some in-show advertising for Shana:

Great shows flock together.

I plan on finishing Index tonight and writing a review tonight as well. We shall see. I also plan on finishing Kyo no Go no Ni tonight and maybe writing a review on that also. I also plan on finishing about 4 more shows by the end of the week, because when you have no money/class/job, what else is there left to do but watch anime (and go to the gym)?

The Anime of 09! 2009 Anime Preview!

I am amped for a lot of different shows in 2009……that I know of anyway. I’ll tell you which ones I know of, and which ones I hope will somehow happen even if there’s no chance. I’m not going to put them in any order though. First and formost, let’s get the obvious out of the way.

1. Full Metal Alchemist

Back to voice their characters of Ed and Al are Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya respectivly. I honestly can’t wait. Without doubt this is the most looked forward to anime of 2009, but I’m still unsure of whether they are going to do a re-telling, pick up where they left off, new story, try and follow the manga (which might not be possible considering how different they got) or what. Honestly, I don’t care. If they do a re-telling, thats fine. If they continue, that’s even better. I don’t think many people were satisfied with the ending to the last series/movie. I wasn’t anyway.

2. Hayate no Gotoku 2

I’m excited very much so in a large way for this anime to come out. I hope they make it as long as the last time it ran, which was 52 episodes, but it will probably end up being something like 14 episodes or some gay shit. That would really grind my gears. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like 14 episode anime, but there’s also times I don’t like them, like Zero no Tsukaima. Make it longer, 14 is too short! Anyway, yea, at least there’s something.

3. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei

The only bad news here is that it’s not a full series, only a 5 episode OVA. I don’t care though, give me more Higurashi.

4. Haruhi Suzumiya

Ok they said that there’s supposed to be a new season this year. I heard for spring. But I, for one, am pessimistic that it will ever happen. But if they were right (“they” talk a lot), then I strongly look forward to a new season.

EDIT: Apparently it’s just a re-run in Japan, which I’m fine with. Also, this proves once again that I am right.

5. Shakugan no Shana III

This is nothing more than wishful thinking….maybe they’ll make a new season for winter or something….I mean….the manga is still going.

Ok now I’m just gonna list some that I know are coming out.

  • Akikan – Empty soda cans turn into girls. (I might start watching this)
  • Hetalia Axis Powers – Every nation is depicted in the form of a high school student, lots of stereotypes. (I wanna watch)
  • Kurokami – Magic and fighting (Looks cool)
  • Maria + Holic – Lesbians and cross dressers (Already started)
  • Ride Back – A girls and a motorcycle in the future. (Looks interesting)
  • Shikabane Hime Kuro – Sequel, girl comes back to life after murdered. (I still have to see the first season, but I really want to watch this)
  • Shangri-La – Tokyo is turning into a forest? (Looks nifty)
  • Basquash – Robots and basketball?
  • Pandora Hearts – Something about….I have no idea what this is about
  • Asura Crying – Guy haunted by a ghost of childhood friend
  • Maria-sama ga Mitero 4 – Girls at a Catholic school
  • Queen’s Blade – Fight to be queen. (This looks really cool, it’s out I think already, like a few others on this small list)
  • Guin Saga – Something about a warrior? (Not gonna watch)
  • Gunslinger Girl – (3rd season) Middle school assassins. (looks like I need to finish season 2)
  • Spice and Wolf – Sequel. A girl is a 600 year old God with wolf ears and tail, and she wants to go home?
  • Slayers Evolution R – I still have to watch the rest, I’ve been meaning to for a while.
  • Evangelion 2.0: You Can [Not] Advance – I haven’t seen 1.0 yet….I think.
  • Black Lagoon – Sequel, still have to see the nasty 1st season. Pirates.

There’s a shit load more, but I don’t care. You can find much better lists than this on other websites if you aren’t satisfied, and of course I didn’t include ongoing anime like Bleach and One Piece.

Mai HiME and Mai Otome = series review

This series, along with Shakugan no Shana, are to series that I feel define anime. In other words, when I think of anime, I think of these two series.

Mai HiME

Premise: Basically, the anime of Mai HiME revolves around a girl named Mai, who recently transfers to Fuka Academy along with her brother, Takumi. Soon thereafter (I love saying that), she learns about HiMEs (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment), of which there are several, including herself, at the school. HiME’s (if you don’t understand the definition I just gave you) have the ability to summon childs, or these monster things that fight for them, by turning photons into real object. Of course, that doesn’t really give you a full description of the show. I mean, the show leads you in one direction and then halfway through drops a huge ass BAM right on your face. This show has just about everything that you can stuff into an anime.


  • The animation is done very well, especially the fight scenes and scenes with technology. Awesome.
  • It has fighting, dynamic characters, romance, BAM moments, one of the best plots I’ve seen, etc.
  • The ability to make it seem as though i haven’t watched many episodes from the time I sat down, when really I’ve been watching the show for 6 hours. (If that’s confusing to you, I’ll put it this way: You can watch the whole show in one sitting easy).
  • It forced me to want more so badly that I read the manga (I don’t really read that much manga comparative to a normal anime buff…actually, I don’t even watch a lot of anime comparative to an anime buff).
  • It alienated me from people for a day (people suck, and for the most part, they are stupid….yes I realize I am a person too….I am stupid).
  • The title is an innuendo: Mai HiME  as in Mai (maiin character) is a HiME, and Mai HiME as in My HiME.


  • Only one: The end was too much about love…sappy, corny, but eye enjoyed it anyway because it was a huge fight scene.

Awesome, awesome, awesome get a

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (Number 7 position on my top ten…yes I rearranged them again)

Mai Otome

Premise: This show was the spin off to Mai HiME, not a sequel, actually, it has almost nothing to do with Mai HiME. It takes place in a different world and has a different plot, with a few similarities. For example, it has almost the entirely same cast as in My HiME, but they all play roles completely different (for the most part) then in Mai HiME. Their personalities can be different as well. There are new characters however, as this story revolves around a girl named Arika, and her quest to become an Otome. An Otome is a virgin that has nanomachines injected into their bodies, which can allow them to achieve superhuman abilities, such as flight and strength, when they are kissed by their master (person who  they are appointed to protect) specifically one their GEM (Generable Enigmatic Matrix), which is one of a set of stones. One stone is given to the master, the other to the Otome. Otome play a big role in the military as well, as the country with the most Otome usually has the strongest army. Otomoe are forbidden from sex with guys because men have a gene that make it impossible for nano machines to work, and if an Otome fucks with a guy, she’ll develop antibodies that make it impossible for nano machines to work. I still haven’t really mentioned a plot…..let’s see. Arika is looking for her mother, or info on her mother, and then decides to become an Otome. A shitload of awesome shit happens.


  • Pretty much all of the pros from Mai HiME apply here, except I never read the manga.
  • It didn’t have anything about love in the end.
  • You were able to watch the same characters play different roles, which was really cool. It’s strange how you can make a person seem older in anime just by saying that their older. Also, this anime had some things that appear in Mai HiME, for example, the bar is the same. Moments where things like this occurred were almost like mini-BAMs cuz I was like, “Oh that’s the same as in the first one!” Then I would look around and realize I was talking to myself.
  • A lot more technical. Or I should say, there was a lot more technology. Which was awesome.
  • The plot might actually be better than in Mai HiME.
  • The OVA was SICK (Mai Otome Zwei)


  • [insert a “con” if you can find one]

Wooooo haaaa I got you all in

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (no spot on top ten….I don’t know why)

The reason I wrote this is because I started watching Mai Otome S.ifr, and it’s sick. A sequel was announced about a year ago, but Eye haven’t heard anything about it lately.

EDIT: Apparently Mai Otome is on the same planet and stuff as My HiME, just really really far in the future……didn’t know that.

Shakugan no Shana = Complete Review

All I can say is that I’m astounded that I haven’t heard anything about a third season. I would have expected by now that there would be one. I mean…come on….Shakugan no Shana is fucking awesome, and it would make dough….not only that, but there were a few loose ends that were left open at the end of last season. Lets take a second and review all of the seasons at once, making this a Complete Review instead of just a normal Series Review.

Shakugan no Shana

The first season, and best, season. This show is based on…..well… starts off following this kid named Yuji, who is narrating about some shit when suddenly time stops and this huuuuuuge big fat baby is looming over him and sucking up blue fire from everyone. The baby sees Yuji is unaffected by the time freeze (he can still move freely and time didn’t stop for him) and is like “WhaaAA???”. So then it starts toward Yuji when suddenly this short girl with small br- I mean red flaming hair does all this fighting with a samurai sword and saves the day. However the little dolly (the one apparently behind all this hooplah) escapes into the night. Yuji’s like “WTF????? Is goin ONNN???” and she like “Urasai urasai urasai!” But then reveals her br- that she is a Flame Haze, and hunts Denizens. She farther explains that Yuji in fact died some time ago, and that he is simply a torch (replacement for someone killed by a denizen….don’t forget, they stop time and kill you,  so it would be weird if a bunch of people just disappeared, wouldn’t it? Instead they replace the people with torches, and their existance slowly fades away, until no one remembers they ever existed. This way, there’s no shock). However, she explains that Yuji is not a normal torch, but in fact a Mystes, or a torch carrying a treasure inside of him, known as a Hougu. Then the plot starts, which consists of a few separate arcs, and introduces us to more characters such as Flame Haze, Denizens, and school chums of Yuji. In case you didn’t understand anything I said, let me summerize the basic theme of this anime:

Killing Demons.

As you know, any show that has a theme of killing demons is pretty much good. And Shakugan no Shana is prolly one of the best. Here are a small amount of reasons:


  • She has hair that turns to like… when she’s about to kick ass.
  • Voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Loves melon bread (I love when characters have some non-important, random attribute going on with them).
  • She has a samurai sword.
  • She doesn’t take shit.

The Animation

  • Is really good. Realistic yet cartoonish. Everyone has normal hair color, instead of every person having pink, or green or red hair (although I like that anyway).

The Plot

  • Is so good it’s retarded.
  • Contains many awesome fight scenes that are stunning and nasty.
  • Contains dynamic characters and also adds characters when needed.
  • Contains several genres.

I’m not gonna bother with pros and cons. Here; I’ll just do the cons. If it’s not a con, assume it’s a pro.


  • My grades went down because I spent all my time watching this show…..actually, that never happened because I watched it during summer, and I finished it in about a day or so.


Now then, onto the second season!

Shakugan no Shana II

Shakugan no Shana II (Second) pretty much just extends the first season, so I don’t need to give a full synopsis on it’s plot and stuff, I guess there are two major differences between this and the first season. In the first season, there were a few separate arcs, or plots, with the last one being the major plot. In the second series, there is only one plot, which is cool and all, but it drags the series out a little more, and instead of nasty fight scenes and such, it becomes more of a slice of life/school oriented show, with Yuji training to use his Hougu as a power to fight. There are several episodes that bored the heck out of me, because they were all the same thing: Two girls asking people and each other what love is. Gayyyy. Then, suddenly, the series dramatically changed halfway through and became so nasty that I….well….I guess I got really excited….Here:

The Second Half of SnS Second

  • Fight scenes so nasty with plot twists so perfect that I pooped by accident a few times….in a good way.
  • Yuji actually gets some power and does some fighting.
  • Things happen Bang Bang Bang (does that make sense to you?).

Pretty much, the second half of Shakugan no Shana is like the first season and then some. It’s hard to bring the nastyness to words, especially without giving anything away. The first half was not that great…I mean it really wasn’t that bad, and it contained a lot of necessary information toward the plot, but honestly, how many times do you have to pronounce to the audience that none of the girls in the show know what love is? We get it. We still don’t care. Show some action. They did. All is well.

Thusly, this is one of my favorite shows. It gets a

FINAL OVERALL GRADE = 5^^ (place number 6 on my Top Ten Anime)

Top Ten Anime Characters

Well, I love Top Ten lists, I mean, doesn’t everyone? As of now I have a lot of them made, and will slowly put more and more up. This one is the Top Ten Anime Characters, as you could tell from the title. If you can’t tell from the title, then you still have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about. Anyway, enough with the pointless chit-chat, on to the characters!

10. Vash the Stampede

Vash is the man. He’s nasty at shooting, he’s lucky, he’s not afraid to get shot. Also, he looks like the man, and as Oballer just pointed out, “he’s mad smart and killed legato bluesummers (a well known bad ass mofo)” You know, I had never watched Trigun. Then I did. Then I realized that he was the man and the show was awesome. It was debated for a while to see who gets the 10 spot, but Vash deserved it because he always fights for what’s right……God damn that sounds gay as fuckin hell. Scratch that. He’s ten because he’s nasty at fighting and always wins. And when you learn more about him as the series plays on, you’ll see other reasons why he’s sick (I don’t want to spoil it).

9. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki, from Bleach (durr). He’s the man….sort of. Why is he so cool (or nifty, if you prefer)? Well doing pros and cons on every single character is dumb, so I’ll briefly explain. At first he’s just your average, everyday kid. He goes to school, has friends, lives at home, and sees ghosts, nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out he’s got mad power, becomes a Shinigami, and rapes young women…well everything but the last part is true. For the record, rape is not cool. He’s almost a bad ass, but he fights to protect things and is heroic, which is cool and all (and is the only reason a good guy fights in any anime (aside from one or two people up higher on the list), but a bad ass doesn’t give a shit, he just kicks ass. So Ichigo, for now you get 9.

8. Light Yagami

Light Yagami. Also your everyday kid. Until he finds a Deathnote on the ground, a book where you write someones name in it, and they die. There’s more to it but I’m lazy so I don’t want to explain. I know I suck. Anyway, instead of sealing the book away so no one can use it for evil. He decides to use it for evil. Finally a show who’s main character is a serial killer. But don’t worry, he only kills bad guys. This show contains many intense BAM moments, and Light, a genius, is the cause of them. He is prolly the most BAMmiest character out there, next to L, also in the show, and Lelouch, from Code Geass. Deathnote is awesome, I mean, as long as you realize it’s not real life and go do something dumb to imitate the show…….wowwww.

7. Alucard

Alucard, from Hellsing, which I need to give a 5^^ since I rated it WAY too low, is nasty. He serves as Hellsing’s “trump card”. In other words, he’s fuckin nasty at fighting. Why is he so good? Well first of all, he looks sick, he’s a complete BAD ASS (he just wants to kill you…despite this, he’s loyal to Hellsing), he’s a vampire (vampires are cool), and no matter what happens, whether he’s killing, getting dismembered, standing, sleeping, etc…..he’s always got a nice, big, smile on his face. He’s fuckin awesome, so is Hellsing.

6. Spike Spiegel

Spike is the man. He’s always got that smirk on his face, and no matter what’s going on, whether it’s a shootout or a fight, he stays cool, calm, and collected, kicks some ass, and he’s on his way. He isn’t afraid of anything and is all around a nasty mutha fucka. Jeez this show was sick, it’s on like, all of my top tens…..oh wait….I haven’t put them all up yet. EDIT: I was going to put this as number ten in my top ten anime, then I decided not to.

5. Pikachu

Gotcha. Fake number 5, just to keep you on your toes.

5. Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi, from Lucky Star, aka, the worst best best worst anime ever, is awesome, so she’s number 5. Pretty much, this is me in terms of personality, except Konata takes it to a different, slightly higher, extreme. (I refuse to do cosplay). She likes anime/manga, video games (I don’t really play much anymore though….I did just buy an Xbox, but it broke, so I’m getting it exchanged (for free cuz I’m a well known person) and Mirror’s Edge is awesome), slacks amazingly well (an attribute to be proud of), and is apathetic, but full of energy. She rules.

I AM SO FUCKIN TIRED..oh well the show must go on…

4. Zaraki Kenpachi

Kenpachi is the man (I’ve said that pretty much about everyone), and is the second person used from Bleach in this countdown. He is the world’s BAD ASS. Like Alucard, he’s always smiling when he’s fighting. He loves to fight. Oh…you sliced his chest open? Just makes him happier. By the way, he’s such a BAD ASS that he wears an Eye Patch that seals away most of his energy, and bells on his hair to make fights more even, because if they’re too easy, it’s not enough fun. He’ll kill you, and enjoy doing it. Fuck. I don’t even need to say anymore.

3. Shana the Flame Haze

Shana is a bitch. An awesome, sicknasty bitch. Who loves melon bread. Shakugan no Shana is a fuckin great  show, and Shana is great because she looks cool, has a cool sword, her hair turns red when she’s gonna kick ass, and she’s voiced by Rie Kugimiya. She’s a very dynamic character (she’s a tsundere), and is….you know what, watch the show, she’s awesome.

2. Vegeta

The original bad ass kinda. He looks sick. Will kill you without hesitation, COLLECTS DRAGONBALLS! (haha) and looks cool. Personally, I enjoy his evil, saiyan, demeanor. Also, I though his voice (English and Japanese) was sick. He was such a badass……I mean…..they kind of made him less evil as the series progressed, but he never lost that “Ireallywanttokillyounow” edge.

1. Inuyasha

That’s right fuckheads. It’s my number 1 show and my number 1 character. INUYASHA. Let’s look at the facts: He’s a half demon, has a huge  sword that progressively gets nastier, looks sick, and can turn into a demon where he becomes BAD ASS X2. He can also become human when there’s no moon, which gives him weakness….wait….he still kicks ass as a human, and will fight anyone. His regular demeanor is one of  “Hey you, you’re an asshole!”, and he’s easily the best character ever made. Finally, time for sleep.

EDIT: I was fuckin tired when I wrote this, there’s prolly somewhere around 500 mistakes, both grammatical, and other. I might fix them, I’ve heard that the pic of Vash doesn’t show up, but for me it does so I don’t know what to tell you…I tired deleting the pic and re-loading, I hope that helps everyone.