Remembering Toonami

Ahhhhh. Remember the good old days? When you would get home from school, and then around 3 o’clock, Toonami would start up? I remember Tom (voice by Steven Blum, the dude who did Spike from Cowboy Bebop) and that awesome cool spaceship. But more than that, I remember the great shows, and the fact that Toonami was the origin of my like for anime. Let’s look back on a little history, which I pretty much copied off of sites like wikipedia and shit:

  • It first aired on March 17, 1997, and was originally hosted by Moltar (I never knew that)
  • In 1999, Tom made his first appearance.

You know what? Wikipedia is wrong, because I specifically remember that Reboot was on  right before DBZ, but it says that this is not true? I don’t know, wikipedia is dumb, I’m just going to go off my own knowledge, and what I think I remember.

Dragonball Z


Dragonball Z. This show is the one thing that got me into anime. If Dragonball Z  had never been invented, I would most likely be a star on the Boston Red Sox, or at the very least, normal. But you know what? This show kicks so much ass that I think I’m going to die from it. I remember having to tape it (with those old VHS tapes) at 5:30, because my fucking parents made me do my homework right after dinner, which was at 5, and so I never was able to watch it.

“It’s just 30 minutes, I’ll do my homework right after.”

Nope. That logic wasn’t good enough for my Nazi parents, who were strict with things that never mattered. You think I did my homework after dinner anyway? You must be kidding. I went up to my room for an hour and played Game Boy. Take that parents!



Alright, so this is one of the coolest shows ever. Basically, in case you’re stupid and don’t know already, Reboot is about what goes on inside your computer (obviously fictional). It’s awesome, not only because it’s cool 3-D, but because it’s awesome. Basically, when a game comes, these dudes have to play the user, and if they lose then they turn into nulls (like slugs) therefore, they obviously have to beat them. Later on it gets deeper and the moves away from this plat scheme. The bad guys? Megabyte and Hexadecimal, two viruses. I would buy this show if I could find it. That’s how awesome it is.

Having this show right before DBZ was like when Manny and Ortiz hit back to back. Oh, and this show has lots of parodies in it too, which is awesome. I can’t remember the end, which sucks….I think it got canceled before and end was given. To better illustrate the plot, here it the first part of the first episode:

Gundam Wing

GUNDAM WINGThis is a series I definitely have to go back and re-watch. After about 15 episodes, I missed one, and never really picked it up again, as I became totally lost after the missed episode. I know that it centered around Hero, the main character, and he was a depressed fuck. I also remember that I used to watch this show with my friend, Matt, and we thought it was awesome. Matt doesn’t like anime really. He thinks this site is gay, because it’s mainly anime related. But yea, this was a sick-ass show.

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

The REAL Adventures.....everything else was a LIE.

Alright, so the original Johnny Quest? Personally, I’m not a fan. But this show? Awesome. I mean, the opening itself was great. I remember that me and my sister, and we would pretend that the opening was one of those rides where you sit in the chair and it seems like you’re on a roller coaster, even when you’re actually in a chair. Needless to say I was a little kid.

This show was great because it mixed computer graphic characters with actual cartoon, and that was new at this point in time (another reason why Reboot was so cool to me). Another show that I miss.

Sailor Moon

Wait....Sailor Moon?

Hold your horses. I only watched this show because it was on before a show that I liked (either Gundam Wing or DBZ or Reboot…..I wanna say Reboot), and my sister always would watch it. I didn’t actually like it. I’m serious. I don’t remember the song or anything like that:

Okay I remember that OP and all of the words, but that doesn’t mean I liked the show. I certainly don’t like the transformation jingle, nor do I remember it:

Okay, I remember that too, and have, on occasion hummed it to myself…in fact, I guarantee these two songs get stuck in my head for the next week. Anyway, I watched this with my sister, and my friend Matt. Both of us insisted that we only watched it because the girls were hot, but I thought was an okay show. The only dumb this is…who do these girls think they’re fooling with their costumes? I mean everybody could tel– Oh wait a second, apparently, in anime, you only have to change the color of your clothes and what you’re wearing in your hair to completely disguise yourself.

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin is cool.

I watched this show for a while, and thought it was the shit, but eventually I stopped watching it for one reason or the other, and didn’t watch it again until I actually got into anime. I watched it subbed after that, because I couldn’t take Kenshin’s voice in English. I mean, I can’t really take it in Japanese either, but it’s more tolerable. This was probably one of the first series that I watched subbed.

What I remember from this show is Kenshin being awesome, and me wanting a reverse blade that I could use. He was sick. I never watched the OVAs, and  heard that they were sick-nasty (not as sick nasty as Hellsing Ultimate though). I should check those out someday.

That’s about it really. Toonami kicked ass. Of course, one show that I did NOT like was The Big O. It just looked really stupid. I never actually saw an episode or gave it a chance, but sometimes I’d rather just judge a book by it’s cover. Come to think of it, I never really liked Thundercats either, but it was still fun to say:

God I miss Toonami. The old Toonami. The one with anime. How should I end this post? There’s only one way: