Best Characters of Every Show I’ve Seen – Part XVII: “T”

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Misaka Misaka

If you remember the post this picture is from, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I love the character of MISAKA, which could be any one of the thousands of clones of Mikoto Misaka. Back then I described how awesome she was by the way she talks in the third person, and also narrates her life. This is awesome. Completely awesome. Compile that with the fact that she’s very emotionless, and you have a real winner of a character.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Yuuki Onozawa

So there’s really not many choices here, and I’m going with Yuuki. Truthfully, he’s nothing special, but I like the fact that, despite being a child, he thinks like a mature person, in that he tries to carry burdens and not slow any other the trio down with his problems (this could also be veiwed as immaturity….I think it might be a little of both). He’s pretty much a class act, and it sucks that…..well I don’t want to spoil anything (even though I kind of just did).

To-LOVE-ru – Yui Kotegawa

This choice might be a surprise to many of you, but let’s face it, Rito is a bitch who doesn’t take advantage of Lala, and Lala is annoying a lot of the time. I realize most people would pick Golden Darkness, and going by my typical choices of character, I should be choosing Golden Darkness too. But I’m not, and this surprises even me.

Every scene with Yui is just somehow better others. I love how she is a strict person, and yet she’s always found in the middle of boob grabbing or something (so is everyone else in this show). I don’t know, I just like her general personality, I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe I feed off her embarrassment? Who knows.

Toradora! – Taiga Aisaka

Here we have Rie Kugimiya’s best voice acting job ever. Taiga is certainly a tsundere type character, in that she has a mean streak a mile long, but also has a very emotional side, but keeps her emotions bottled up. However to say that she is a typical tsundere character is kind of wrong, becuase she is a bit different.

Unlike a typical tsundere character, who is simply just not honest with their feelings, Taiga actually is honest with her feelings. She knows that she loves Ryuuji. But she chooses to put her own feelings aside, because she wants Minorin (who also likes Ryuuji) to be happy. As a person, she is actually very giving (for Christmas, she buys presents for the unfortunate….how many of you do that?….I don’t). So yes, she won’t hesitate to beat your ass, and yes, she has a flat chest, and yes she has a soft side, and yes, she is short. But unlike characters such as Shana and Louise, she doesn’t really ask “What is wrong with me?” when she experiances love. She does’nt spend a WHOLE FUCKING SECOND SEASON ASKING PEOPLE WHAT LOVE IS. She doesn’t ask, “Why am I feeling like this?” She knows why she feels the way she does, she just doesn’t want to (at first), and this coupled with the awesomeness of Rie Kugimiya, creates an awesome character.

Touch – Shohei Haruda

He is the fuckin MAN. I mean, let’s look at the facts, he seems to already know everything that’s going to happen and that is happening. I mean, he seems to have been put there as a literary device in the form of a huge ass boxer who can kick everyone’s ass. He rules. Do I think he should have gotten more screen time? No. Also, he reminds me of Rocky. And yes, I did copy and paste this from my review of Touch.

Trigun – Vash the Stampede

Vash kicks ass. Just look at the picture. Do you notice any bullets in Vash? No, because you can’t hit him, he’s too nasty. Actualy, he gets wounded a lot, as you can tell from his body’s appearance in episode…….well in one of the episodes anyway. Vash is an ass kicker, and the way he goes about ass kicking is pretty ass kickerific. He doesn’t shoot to kill, but still wins every time (this is also the reason for his numerous scars). It’s hard for me to say exactly what is awesome about Vash. His peronality? His fighting skills? If you really want to know, what Trigun.

Tsukuyomi: MOON PHASE – Elfried

Honestly, there weren’t many characters to choose from, but I liked Elfried most, and I actully only have a vauge idea of why.

  1. Hazuki was annoying
  2. Kohei was boring
  3. The Grandfather was pretty cool, but Elfriede:
  • Has awesome appearance.
  • Has that demeanor like she secretly runs everything, and has control of everything.
  • Has awesome conversations with the grandfather

The reason in bold is the most prominant reason why I chose her. I loved it every time she talked, and her conversations with the grandfather were always amusing. It’s like she suddenly became older once she started banging him (they definitely banged).

Tsuyokiss – Sunao Konoe

This one is pretty simple. First I’ll say that I actually found this show to be very enjoyable. I liked it and it was pretty good the bee’s knees. As for the main character, I just like the fact that all she wants to do is create a drama club, and no one will let her, and she keeps trying and trying and trying. I love the determination. I also love the connection that she comes to realize she shares with Leo. This show kicked ass, and needs more credit now (how old is this show? 2006? 2006 was a great year for anime, there were so many good shows (Shana)).

The next part will conclude this epically long post. Hopefully I get back from yet another themed part tomorrow in time. THEMED PARTIES RULEEEEE!!!!

Toradora! 24 = Episode Review


Ok……..I must admit…..this episode was a HUGE BLASTER BAM. I was completely lost for a time, but by the end I think I got it figured out…….this was…..this was a fucking BOMB CASE of an episode….Jesus Christ.

Toradora! Episode 24


Yea….it was that kind of episode. It started where episode 23 left off. Ryuuji and Minori are chasing after Taiga, during which time Minori shouts out to Taiga that she indeed has liked Ryuuji for some time, but thought that Taiga needed him more, because she’s a clumsy fucking whore (well she didn’t call Taiga a whore per say but you get my style by now). Taiga escapes, but Ryuuji, being knowledgeable, realizes that she will probably show up to work. He then pulls a great impression of Glothelegend, and is correct.

They [Ryuuji and Taiga] agree to not talk about the relationship shit until after work, and when work is done, and they’re ready to talk, here comes their parents. Taiga’s mom (who I don’t ever remember actually appearing in the anime until this point) wants to take custody of Taiga, but she refuses angrily. Ryuuji’s mom is pissed because Ryuuji is working, which he promised not to do. Ryuuji makes a clever retort, claiming that his mom is a huge fucking slut that works at a job where she is paid to get hammered and dress slutty pushes her mistakes on him. Just when he really starts digging in, he realizes that she is crying, and stops. (awkward silence takes place until) Taiga grabs Ryuuji and they run until they are both standing on a bridge somewhere. It is snowing.

At this point I become absolutely unaware as to who and/or what these two fuckheads are talking about. I think that Taiga was saying her mom remarried, and is currently with child. Random gibberish/confusing subs (I don’t blame the subbers, I am AMAZINGLY grateful that people take their time to sub shows. Anyone who complains about a fansub sucks dick) made it hard to comprehend the dialogue here. But it wasn’t really important. I guess they rip on their parents for a bit UNTIL…..FUCKING TAIGA…..PUSHES RYUUJI OFF A BRIDGE! WHAT A BITCH!

"Ryuuji, I love you and all, but I have to push you off this bridge and threatin your life, so that i can prove a point." -Taiga

Anyway, there was water to break the fall (really cold water….only about a foot deep), so no one was hurt…..not even Taiga when she jumped off when Ryuuji was about to tell her that

Following lines: "I lo-" - Ryuuji (these are actually lines he is saying, unlike the highlight text I wrote for Taiga)

Don’t you have to be going out with a girl before you propose to them? Apparently not. So then, shortly after this comment by Ryuuji, Taiga jumps off the bridge, because she wants to confess to him before he confesses to her, because she’s a bitch, and she needs to have it her way. They decide to confess at the same time, and right before they do, Ami calls, and tells them to come over to Kitamura’s house. They do, where it is revealed to everyone there that

Instead of thinking about our future, let's do something dumb and elope in HIGH SCHOOL. WELCOME POVERTY ASS HOLES!

Holy shit these fuckers are real about this. Everyone helps out by giving them money, and they go home to pack. Ryuuji finds a watch and a note in an empty house from his mom, who has apparently run away. He realizes to take this watch, which was his dad’s, to his grandfather’s, as proof that Ryuuji is his grandson. He does this, with Taiga at his side, because they eventually, apparently, DID elope.

Another well rounded episode review.

God damn I can relate my episode reviews well. Just listen as I glorify myself for finishing where I started. Anyway, what do I think about all this hooplah? I FUCKING LOVE IT. THIS WAS A FUCKING NASTY EPISODE. ONE MORE LEFT FUCKERS!


DOUBLE EDIT: The watch is apparently Ryuuji’s grandfather’s, and they went to Ami’s house, not Kitamura’s.

Toradora! Episode 21 = Best since episode 16

Episode 16 featured a BAD ASS fight scene with Samurai Champloo and/or Afro Samurai animation styles (in my animation opinion). Episode 21 featured: BAM BAM and BAM! Even though this is an anime that would be categorized as a comedy/romance/slice of life genre, and has started to lean more towards the sappy gwappy moochey woochey, it fucking brings it, and manages to not be gay, and I get the same feeling when something major happens as I did with say, Code Geass (not really that powerful but close). As far as series from the winter come, this one is the best, along with To Aru Majutsu no Index. Chaos;HEAD was good, but it was too short. Personally, I like the standard 26 episode anime more, because they seem to be more complete. So here is my first review of a single episode of a show, rather than the show itself.

WARNING: Past this point are spoilers that can ruin the show if you haven’t seen it, although before I watched the show, I already knew this was the case (Wikipedia…how come sometimes they only explain the general premise, but other times give away the entire show, including the ending? I just keep reading, then ruin shows…although I don’t know the very very ending, just up to this point….and the episode was still a BAM).

Toradora! Episode 21

This is the scene literally right before the BAM happens.

First off, If you’ve been watching this show, you could see this coming since the first episode, but still the fact that Taiga actually (and although accidentally) articulated her amor por Ryuuji, is a huge BAM. But what really made this episode awesome was this scene in the beginning:

That's right, do a pizza wedge!

I guess in Japan they teach skiing the same way as we do in America. They tell students to make a “pizza” with their skis. As a ski instructor myself, I found this to be awesome, because I got it, and other people most likely didn’t, so FUCK YOU! It also made me realize how shitty Mount Southington is…..not the Ski School, everyone there is cool (mainly just the supervisors and shit), but the management besides that? Huge fuck-heads. Wasn’t I trying tyo do a review on an episode? This is turning out well.

As pointed the episode starts off with the class skiing (field trip). So they’re skiing. They ski. They ski and they ski. For like…..a good 2 minutes. Not even. Then they go inside. They talk. They talk and they talk. Basically, here it is in a nutshell:

Ryuuji wants to find out how Minori actually feels about him, and to his surprise she approaches him, although for a different reason. Some girls on the trip had a fight over boys (I think….to be honest, I spaced out during this scene, and didn’t think it was important enough to replay…I mean, I spaced out for a reason right?). Anyway Minori wants them all to get along, so she asks Ryuuji if he has any ideas to make this possible. He doesn’t, and and the scene ends.

This sort of depressed Ryuuji, and he goes to sleep (he doesn’t really sleep, just lays in his futon or whatever the hell those Japanese people sleep in. Just kidding, I know for a fact it’s a futon. (Wait was that supposed to be a joke? I suck. (he remarked to himself as he typed “he remarked to himself” out on his ISSS)) Anyway, soon thereafter, Kitamura and those two other guys come in and ask him why he’s being such a pussy. He explains that he likes Minori, and they say, “Ok, let’s go find out how she feels now.”

So they go off and hide in the closet of the girls’ room, like any person would do. Taiga comes in alone, and they pull her into the closet to rape her because she found out that they were hiding there. They keep her quite with chlorofor- I mean Ryuuji has his hand over her mouth. So the other girls enter, and they just happen to dive right in to who likes who and how Minorin feels about all this shit, and how she rejected Ryuuji on Christmas. Then Minori gets into an argument with Ami (who is mad because she can;t get Minori to express her true feelings). They leave, the guys leave, end scene.

The next day, on the slopes, Taiga and Minori are sledding, and knock into Ami, who was telling Ryuuji how she felt about Minori and herself (described in parenthesis in like, the last sentence). She thinks that Minori did it on purpose, and suddenly bows are getting thrown (Fisticuffs). The hair clip that Ryuuji bought for Minori goes flying, although the only one who knows is Taiga, and she goes to get it (this is known as the catalyst for the BAM). Nobody really notices, and they go back respectively, thinking that Taiga already went back to the hotel, when the scene clearly shows that she fell down a ravine or some shit.

Night falls. They are worried back at the hotel, as Rescuers

have been sent to find Taiga in the snowstorm (there also just happens to be  Blizzard that appeared).

Not that kind of blizzard. But anyway, Minori decides to go look for her, and this causes a snowball effect (get it snowball? There’s a snowstorm?) and everyone decides to go (like 5 people). But yea. There’s a rescue squad, fully trained, looking for her…..what are a bunch of high school kids gonna be able to d- oh wait they find her like, right away. What a shitty ski resort, don’t hire them to come find me. Anyway, Ryuuji finds her after he climbs down into the previously stated ravine, and throws her on his back because she’s pretty fucked up (concussion in my medical opinion). She thinks that he is Kitamura, and starts yapping away about how her wish didn’t work and how she:

This is the scene literally right before the BAM happens.

See how I rounded off this post? Start with the first part thus raising a question, and finish with the answer. "What was the BAM?" "This was the BAM."

What the fuck is gonna happen next? Sick awesome nice cool stupendous yiyeah BAM.

Fall Anime Report 08′

Well the title of this blo-er I mean ISSS, is GLOAnime, and seeing as I haven’t really talked about any anime lately, here’s something to put this site back to its main focus. The fall season is what, halfway through? Out of all the new shows, I’m watching 6 : Toradora!…Kemeko Deluxe!…Chaos; Head…Rosario + Vampire Capu… Clannad: After Story…To Aru Majutsu no Index. Here, now I will talk about each one briefly.


Well I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that this show is freakin awesome. It’s one of my favorites of the season if not my favorite. Basically, Ryuuji (blue hair) likes this girl who is friends with Taiga (short girl), and Taiga likes a boy who is friends with Ryuuji. So they try and help each other, and basically, it’s funny, its cool, and it has Rie Kugimya voicing Taiga, so it’s awesome.

So Far – A

Kemeko Deluxe!

I guess I have a thing for anime ending with an ‘!’, because this anime is easily funniest of the fall. It reminds me in a way of Beating Angel Dokuro-chan!..I wonder why? well let’s see: same production company, and oh look, Rie Kugimiya is in BOTH of them! I didn’t know that! (yes I did). It’s about this girl M.M., who lands (crashes) a ship into the main character’s (Sanpieta) room in a robotic suit called Kemeko (she can fit into it because it’s a cartoon it isn’t real). And she claims to be his bride. This creates hilarity and is generally awesome.

So Far – A


This show is sick. Basically it’s about this kid who stays at home (one of those big metal boxes that are always at ports) and plays video games while talking to Seira, an anime character who he imagines is his wife. He has delusions, and eventually meets girls that have swords and powers. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a lot more to it.

So Far – A

Rosario + Vampire Capu

Second season of Rosario + Vampire. The first I thought was a bit repetitive, and this season is so far definitely a step up in both humor and individual episode plot (no running plot yet).

So Far – B+

Clannad: After Story

This is a continuation of the first season, Clannad, it’s pretty much the same show, I mean, not much has changed. it has the same characters and such. truthfully, I haven’t really been keeping up with it.

So Far – C

To Aru Majutsu no Index

When you talk about a fast paced, well made anime, you’re talking about this one. After the first 6 episodes, they could have ended the series, and i would’ve been satisfied. Thankfully, they’re still going and it’s getting better. Basically the plot involves a nun (is nothing like a nun) named Index, who has memorized 103 thousand books of magic. Tomo is a psychic, a person with scientific powers. His ability is that his hand can nullify all other forms of psychic and magic powers. He find Index on his balcony one day, and the series continues from there. It’s very good, although I’m a week behind (I’m currently watching 15 different series, it’s tough to keep up).

So Far – A

The end, I gotta study, finals week sucks.