Claymore Manga – The Too Late Review

NOTE: I realize I’m like 40 years late with this shit. Hence the title.


Basically the whole manga in a nutshell. Did this kill her? I doubt it.

I started this manga back when the series came out. That was back in 2007. Holy shit. So fucking long ago. Just typing that makes me realize how fucking old I am.

So I had begun the manga, and at that point, it only had about 50 chapters out (I think). The issue I ran into was the length of time between releases. 12 chapters per year I think? If that? I decided I had better wait for the shit to finish up before giving it a good old fashion binge.

I was binging before binging was cool. Way before Netflix came along and tried to take credit for inventing binging. I’m the original binge machine. But maybe that’s a topic for another post.

So for those of you who were actually around back in 2007, Claymore was a great show and a fantastic manga. Like most shows, the anime caught up to the manga pretty fast and then it ended. It didn’t help that the manga  seemed to have the slowest release pace ever. But Claymore was awesome. It made female characters bad-ass way before making female characters bad-ass was cool.

For those of you who really have no clue, Claymore is set in a Medieval European-type land, where yoma or youkai or demons or devils or monsters or whatever you want to call them are all over the place, plaguing towns and disguising themselves as the people they eat (YUM). The girl squad known as Claymore, also called Silver Eyed Witches by all the Normy Norm Norms out there, go around killing these Yoma, and then the town pays a bag of gold to one of the Claymore’s superiors, who arrive in the town afterward.

Anyway all this shit happens so go read it. I’ll wait.

Okay so now that you’ve read it, that was pretty awesome right? This got me back into my ISSS! Well for like 10 minutes, then I forgot to post this and forgot about Eye Sedso again.

One of the problems about starting a post and then forgetting to finish it and then trying to remember your thought process later is that you tend to forget your thought process later. This has happened here. I totally forgot where I was going with this post, but the manga was exceptionally well developed. I’ll point out the one best and one worst thing I guess to fill space.



Who the fuck needs two arms anyway.

Power ups. They weren’t really forced or DBZ style like they usually are in stuff. They followed a natural order of the story where characters kind of fell ass backwards into help?


I guess that’s the same thing.

Well it was disguised in a good way.




Imagine in all black and white. Impossible.

Who the fuck is this character now? Oh some girl in the exact same set of armor and spandex? I HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS WHO WHEN EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME.



At least muscular girl looked different otherwise idk who is who here.

Well anyway, I guess that’s it. I’m sure no one read this so I’ll just fuck on off to bed.

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