Thank God Hanasaku Iroha is 26 Episodes

Honestly, I can’t get enough of this show. It’s one of those shows that’s incredibly easy to watch for some reason. Yesterday, I was 10 episodes behind. I started watching it again, and before I knew it, I was all caught up.

drama 1

I know, I know, I haven’t really been writing much of anything lately, or watching any anime lately, but that’s because I’ve been bogged down with work, and been on an obsessive Whalers binge ever since the Jets moved back to Winnipeg. There’s also the issue of my new ceramics wheel that’s been keeping me somewhat busy, but now, with camp actually starting, all of my training bullshit that I have to do will be over, and I’ll have a much more open schedule. Open to watch some anime.

On to Hanasaku Iroha. It packs a punch. Not only is the animation of the best quality that I’ve seen, but the story and characters are asskickingly awesome, and it’s filled with what is so far unrequited love.

Ahhhhh unrequited love. It’s awesome, and yet, it sucks. In real life, it kind of just sucks, but in anime, it’s what lays the foundation more than anything else for interesting and dynamic characters.

Take Ko and Ohana for example. I love watching their relationship, mainly for the fact that neither of them really have any clue as to what’s going on with themselves or the other. Ko told Ohana of his feelings right off the bat, and Ohana got freaked out and got the fuck outta dodge. So now what’s Ko to think? He’s got a hot pussy clamoring to get some of his meatshaft, but he still has feelings for Ohana, who may not even like him. It’s only a matter of time before he decides to give up on Ohana and slide in to scoop up his hot coworker (hot with glasses for that matter!)

But while he’s been tempted away from Ohana, Ohana is being tempted into liking Ko. It’s pretty clear that she’s really digging Ko, but she apparently is too stupid to realize it yet, so now she’s turned into a disheveled corpse of what she once was, and as of episode 11, she looked completed unnerved.

Episode 9 (I think), showed a great metaphor of their relationship, when Ko, riding a train, and Ohana, riding a motorcycle with Tohru (who’s also involved) passed each other unknowingly, and were then shown riding off in separate directions, away from each other.

OOOO COULD THIS BE FORSHADOWING!? I hope not, but if it is, can you imagine is Ohana fell for Tohru, who CLEARLY wants to get himself some of the Ohana pie? This would create all sorts of crazy bullshit, considering that Minko wants Tohru more than anyone in the world.

drama 2

There’s shit going on all over the place, and personally, I like it! I expect the end of this anime to be full of fast paced BAM moments and huge bunches of explosive drama!


19 thoughts on “Thank God Hanasaku Iroha is 26 Episodes

  1. While it’s slowed down from the prior two episodes, it’s still decent with Ohana’s mother back in the picture. Sure she’s a horribly irresponsible parent and not a very good person, but she didn’t have much of a childhood under her mother’s strictness. Sometimes, gaining total freedom really sets people back a few years.

    That seriousness aside, we need more of her in this show to rock the boat.

    • It’s gonna bang out I can already tell. I’d hazard a guess that Ko dates his KO-workers (get it!????) and then Ohana is like, “Awwww shitttt I gotta steal this kid back!” and then all sorts of shit happens.

      However, they’re still in high school, so after a year they break up anyway.

  2. Shit. I really need to watch this. Like now.

    Then again, I still have 50 more episodes of Gintama to watch before I’m all caught up…

  3. What if God is just screwing with you?

    I say don’t take the chance. Drop this show and go get caught up on AnoHana and Steins;Gate.

  4. I’ll keep this short and sweet.
    -Nakochi is my heroine.
    -Yuina is a lovable engima.
    -Ohana is awesome when she’s “kicking ass” but a bit of a pain when she’s moping. Still her pros far outweigh her sons.
    -Minko is cute when her mouth is zipped.
    -Tomoe is a badass when she gets enough screen time.
    -Granny follows old school to the max.
    -Ohana’s mom is a lousy mother but I guess there’s a reason for her lousiness.
    -Ko-chan…the only thing I respect him for is playing hard to get…that’s it.

    Okay so my comment wasn’t short at all. Sue me. Point is this show is all sorts of awesome.

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