Zero no Tsukaima YOU HAVE RETURNED!!!

Today I wandered on to Crunchyroll as I sometimes do, and saw that the Winter 2011/2012 anime lineup was finally put up. Curious to see what anime would be availible on Crunchyroll, I glimpsed the list and saw to my delight that Zero no Tsukaima’s final season was streaming, and….what’s this? FIRST EPISODE!? FUCK HELL YES!!!!

Yes. Yes I do.

Guys, here’s the deal. I love this show so much that I just can’t help it. Even with the stupid beginning filled with the same old flat boobs vs large boobs, I still love it. It’s stupid, mindless, and undeserving of being called good in anyway, but I love it so much, I just can’t help it.

And here’s the zinger, don’t you too wish that you could watch a show and still love it no matter how fucking retarded it is? You do, don’t you, I mean, why wouldn’t you? Well too bad you can’t love ZnT, aka the best show ever (not really, but one of my favorites).

Here's a question...Why are they all sleeping together?

Siesta sure got Sassy from the first season. She used to be such a nice girl too…..actually, to be honest, last season is a bit hazy. I know that King guy kidnapped Tabitha and did some shit to her mom and shit…idk I guess I remember most of it.

Regardless, ZnT is back, and I am happy. However…

To be real with you all, this episode did a good job repeating literally the same exact format that every other generic episode of Zero no Tsukaima follows, and if I don’t see some continuous plot and awesome fighting I’m gonna really start to get peeved. I still love the show, and desperately look forward to the next episode, but seriously…

Wtf now Tifa has a crush on Saito? You know, all the girls I’ve talked to have said that they don’t think Asian guys are hot, so I fail to be able to see how Saito could be getting so much pussy.

This series needs to move it along, because right now it looks a bit too similar to Lotte’s Toy, and that show fucking sucked (that last part could technically be a pun).

17 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima YOU HAVE RETURNED!!!

  1. That’s something I’ll just never understand. You acknowledge that ZnT is a bad, trashy show and yet you still love it. My mind just can’t comprehend that shit.

  2. I watched this episode without ever seeing a single episode of this show before.

    Then I downloaded season 1.

    Dat Kugyuu.

    • Not really. I simply thought that Fate/Zero was better. Though I have still only watched 4 episodes of SnS, so that was kind of an unfair judgement on my part. I still like SnS a lot and feel like I’ll come crawling back in the end.

  3. I totally agree with you, even though Zero no Tsukaima just keeps throwing out episodes in the same format, I still love it! That being said, the new season seems to have better art and animation quality, so I guess that’s a plus point.

  4. Hmmm. I’ve never watched this, but I’ve heard of it so I might give it a try. I’m just so into Katanagatari that I can’t watch anything else. I suggest it, by the way. The main character is pretty awesome.

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