Mirai Nikki Quick Review

I say quick, but only God knows if this post will be quick…or should I say…only NORIO WAKAMOTO KNOWS!?


So Norio Wakamoto voices God, and is bad-ass as fuck. This anime is already good. I’m going to make a list:

The List of “Why Mirai Nikki is Awesome”

  • The Characters
  • About as good an ending as an ending could be in the given situation
  • Again, the characters
  • At least one BAM moment
  • Did I mention the fucking characters?
  • I’m going to talk about the characters real quick.

The Fucking Characters

The characters were fucking awesome. Why? Backstory, and plenty of it. We get a pretty good backstory on every character who is participating in the survival game….well, the important ones anyway. To be honest, the only thing I know about Eight is that she has a giant head and doesn’t look like a real person.

My name is Eight. I have no business being in this anime.

Seriously though, what the fuck was up with Eight and her character design? It was completely inconsistent with literally every single object in the anime. HER HEAD IS FUCKING HUGE!…….FUCK!

Giant heads aside, we had awesome characters left and right. The best character? HANDS DOWN NO QUESTION.

Minene Uryuu is one of my favorite female anime characters ever made. She’s completely bad-ass as fuck, to the point where she loses an eye, a hand (twice), get’s shot, and then, when she’s about to die, she decides to go ahead and blow herself up, except that she’s so fucking awesome that she instead is given powers by FUCKING GOD. This makes her even more bad-ass.

PLUS, she cried, and when a bad-ass cries, it’s awesome. Just that hint of vulnerability so perfect.

And then her backstory. I’m not quite sure how they managed to cram so much backstory for so many characters into the series successfully, but they did.

Minene’s is a terrorist who is….you know what? You know this shit I don’t need to explain it.

Next we have the psychopathic stalker wackjob Yuna. I love stalkers so there’s a plus right there. Wackjob insane in the membrane? Another plus. And the best scene was at the end, when she sees her past self and realizes how fucked up in the head she’s become.

This anime sure looks like a 5^^ to me! What could possibly bring this anime down? I mean, this anime was so fucking good that there is literally nothing you can throw at me that would change my mind about giving this anime a 5^^. There is absolutely not one single thing that could persuade me to drop the grade lower than a-


Once a pussy, always a pussy.

10 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki Quick Review

  1. I think Yuna is the best character in the anime. about Uryuu i really liked her character evolution overall. second best of mirai nikki. i like her becoming somethink close to a ‘noble’ character on the show, by terrorist standars at least?

    about the main character, i liked when he was on ‘rampage’ killing and stuff. but the overall character was so much portrayed as the incarnation on Shinji Ikari EMOsiness that it really turned me down by he being the main char.

    about the ending… i disliked half of it. it seems to be an Anime rule, or law of some sorts: the most awesome an anime is, the more likely you will get a bad ending or a clifthanger ending wich is by default, bad unless there is a PROMISE of a next season/movie/OVA that fucking fix it all.

    • Wasn’t there a promise of a sequel? After the credits there was something like “On to the next project” or something like that. Maybe that was by the sub group? Either way, I thought the ending was perfect, and usually I hate endings like these (Madoka for example).

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