BAM Moments

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard me refer to BAM moments at times during my posts. But what am I talking about? If you’ve read all of my posts from day one, then you might know, but I highly doubt that you have, so I am going to explain. Here are some BAM definitions:


/v/ The action of reacting to a BAM moment.

ex: Sam was watching Toradora, and was at the scene when Taiga was being carried by Ryuuji in the snow, and she thought it was Kitamura.  She then mistakenly confessed her love for Ryuuji to whom she thought was Kitamura (but was really Ryuiji) for the first time in the show, and Sam stood up and punched a hole in the wall because he was so excited, “FUCK YEA TAIGA!” He yelled out his window at a passing elderly couple.”FUCK YEA RYUUJI! BAM!”

BAM Moment

/n/ Any moment that results in a physical display of emotion, such as pumping a fist, or speaking out loud, despite being alone, either in astonishment, happiness, or anything of the sort.

ex: In Deathnote, when Light got his memories back through a huge master plan that he thought up, I pumped my fist in the air, jumped up in the air, and said, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT….BAM!”


/adj/ A descriptive term, when referring to anything that contains a lot of BAM moments.

ex: Code Geass is a very BAMmy show, in that it has many twists, turns, and surprised that make me emit a physical reaction.

It is also imperative, that when you refer to a BAM moment, the three letters, B, A, and M, are not only always capitalized, but are also the only one’s capitalized, so as to not cause confusion. For example, BAM, and Bam, are two different words. BAM refers to the action of reaction of a BAM moment, and Bam refers to….I don’t know, hitting something.

Words like BAMmy, BAMtastic, and BAMerific, all can be seen clearly as words that relate to a BAM. As such, their relationship to the BAM can be seen by what word or words, they are modifying. I mean if you say that something is BAMerhightinfightinjerkinlurkin, that doesn’t really relate to any actually word (and you sound like a moron), but we would know that it is an adj, so it would mean pretty much the same thing as say, BAMmy.

Now you all hopefully understand the BAM moment in its true word. Now when I say something like “BAM”, then you know what I mean. If I say something like Bam, or bam, then I obviously am referring to something different. Now I can use this post as a reference link.

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  14. for a Manga plentifull of BAM moments, i recomend you to read a subset of School Rumble manga. (the subset that should have been the base of the third season… i will never forgive then for negating me the pleasure of watching that on Anime :(.

    there is an average of one BAM moment for each manga capter (at the punchline, final page)

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