Formula of Man – 1st Law

There are many fromulas in life that represent laws of man. One such fomula exists, and has been discovered by a collegue of mine, Dr. Matthius Parrotimos (name re-created for ambiguous reasons). The following formula, the first formula of man, represents the relationships between man, wo-man, and media.


Man + (A*T) = [Girls (A*T)]-

IE: Man + Anime multiplied by time spent watching anime = the amount of girls on and/or around the penis, multiplied by (anime times time) to the negative. ie

PARAPHRASED: The more anime man watches, the less pussy he receives.  Conversely, the same is not true for women, who recieve more pussy (not penis) for more anime watched, which  of course, is based on absolutely nothing.








This is A Law of MAN. Men, be warned that cutting down on anime, even for one day, can give rise to replacement of your hand with a fresh, wild, untamed vagina, while more anime results on eventual death by excesive masterbation, and rugburn of the dick vein, resulting in dick bumps in and around the dick hair, dick shaft, and dick shroom.

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