We Met The Goal. Thanks For Your Donations & Keep It Going!

In my last post, I urged people to give support to the people of Japan. As long as I got one person to donate, it was worth it. I myself decided to donate $1 for every comment made by someone who wasn’t me, with a goal of $50 (because I’m poor).

Today, that goal was met, and as promised, here is the receipt:

Bam. 80 bucks. You’ll notice that the $50 contribution was given on the 16th, which was actually two days earlier than the day the goal was actually met. I figured that this post would get 50 comments at least, so I went ahead and just donated it early. The sooner the better, you know?

We’re awesome. But that doesn’t mean we should be satisfied with just this. Keep helping in any way you can.


31 thoughts on “We Met The Goal. Thanks For Your Donations & Keep It Going!

  1. well, you will not proceed to piss me off for the next month because you have no money and will not want to go out, buy drinks etc.

  2. Your address is in the pic. I don’t know if you want to keep it there or else your stalkers might know where you live. Just wanted to let you know.

  3. I know you intentionally left your address there because you have always want a stalker. May your wish be granted. You deserved it after being so awesome with this whole thing.

    Now, tell your country to stop attacking other people’s country. when the fuck are you running for president anyway?

      • We should only bomb people I say we should bomb.

        Like Paris. We should bomb Paris.

        Hilton…..Paris Hilton. Not Paris, France (because people might actually be upset if we did that).

      • well shes a whore and annoying.

        also, Klux, its a Europe led attack on Libya, America is just taking part it in…. and they NEED to be attacked…. Someone needs to stop that fucking lunatic there.

    • Gaddafi is a greedy mothafucka and he needs to fucking die. i agree. So does Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber. I’m just throwing names for your consideration, Glo

      i just got a feeling that this will turn out like Kosovo/Iraq all over again.

  4. Good job! you got like 111 comments on your last post o_o pretty crazy!
    and lolol you left all your personal info up haha now everyone’s gonna come and rob your house xD

    • I just took it down because I don’t want my identity stolen. I don’t know why anyone would want my identity though, considering I have zero money, but then again, people have never been smart.

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