Ore no Imouto: First Impressions

I didn’t want to do this. The fact is, if I could choose one show to NOT watch at the beginning of this season, this would be it. In fact, it was it. This anime had nothing in it that piqued my interest. In fact, I’d say I despised it, simply because it had the word “imouto” in it. Anything about little sisters is stupid. In fact, I don’t get why Japan is so obsessed with incest and little sisters. If you ask me, Japan should throw out this bill, which in my opinion will have just as good a chance at changing the sexual nature of manga as prohibition forced people to sober up. Instead, here’s a bill I would vote for:

A ban on any manga or anime containing little sisters.

As for the ban, don’t think I’m done talking about it. I’m going to use it as fuel for my next post, which I’ll probably put up tomorrow. Fear not people of the anime…….uh……..place. I have a solution to solve everyone’s problems. Now then, on to the show.

Ore no Imouto

This is going to be short.

Well, it looks like so far, this show has gotten the little sister character dead on. Kiririn is a complete bitch, which is pretty much exactly how a little sister is. Trust me, I’ve had a younger sister for 21 years of my life.

So far there’s been no dumb sexual perverseness and no “onee-san! Dai suki desu!!” bullshit. I hate that shit more than I hate the Yankees, hobos, slow drivers…..well, I hate slow drivers a lot, so maybe just the Yankees, hobos, and anything else I’ve bashed on this site. Fucking slow drivers. God they’re fuckin everywhere. I got riled up before I wrote this post, idk if you could tell. Perfect time to write my next post.

So basically, after a little more than an episode, it looks like Ore no Imouto doesn’t have any of the dumb shit, and instead was made by someone who’s had a younger sister, and knows that they’re all manipulative bitches, so it’s not bad.