The Greatest AMV of All Time and Where is the Second Season!?

This warrants a post. Without question it warrants a post. WITHOUT QUESTION.

Without question, this AMV embodies everything that the song is. The fast paced action sequences, the colorful…well…colors, the bad-ass awesomeness that is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and even the dildos and sex toys at 1:11. It’s perfect. The perfect AMV (plus it’s My Chemical Romance, best band ever (sometimes)).

After watching this repeatedly for the past weeks, I’ve become really antsy  Remember how the series, Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt ended? No?

No, not the credits ending. I mean the actual end of the series.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! You can’t just end it with that! NOT FAIR!


Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt was one of the most entertaining SHOWS that I’ve seen  ever. Totally original and crude beyond belief. I need some more!

Conventional Weapons Tracklist Released!!!!!!!

Just got an email from My Chemical Romance that shows the tracklist for Conventional Weapons, which is a collection of 10 songs that MCR made right after The Black Parade, but then scrapped and before moving on to Danger Days. The plan is to release 2 tracks a month, much to my incredible happiness. Why incredible happiness?

I’ve been listening to some of these songs in SHIT quality for ages, yearning and hoping and praying for a studio version. Of all the songs, one is untitled (named “Stay” unofficially) and the other is in such dismal quality that I can’t help but only slightly enjoy it when I listen to it. The latter of the two aformentioned songs is “The World is Ugly,” and it’s the only song I care about and really want to hear. Annnnnnnddd…………….


I’m also pumped to see “Kiss the Ring” on there, though that was expected. I really think that I’ll like these song more than I liked Danger Days. I’ve heard a bunch of these songs already, and they were of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs: Faced Paced Blasters.


Maria + Holic Has the Best Music Ever

FINALLY I can post something NORMAL. Time for you all to hear what I’ve been obsessed with the past 2 weeks.

I learned this when watching, and loving, the OP/ED for episode 6 of Maria + Holic Alive. The video below, however, is not that OP, yet….just listen to it.

The only thing wrong with this OP is that the steps don’t match the beat, which annoys me a lot to be honest, but the song is so awesome that it doesn’t matter.

Let me put it this way:








She’s got the girly voice at times, and what I really love is the deep voice that she brings out and totally just KILLS IT. I literally could not stop listening to her awesomeness. And the ED on the final episode? AWESOME. I can’t for the life of me find that ED which SUCKS because it had awesome animation and a BRILLIANT song (again, Yuu Kobayashi).

EDIT: After many many many many troubles, I’ve at least found the song. I’ve been trying to find a download of the episode so I can put the fucking thing up myself but that’s apparently impossible I can’t even find a torrent. What’s the world coming to??? Anyway, here’s the badass song:

And here’s the regular ED, which is okay, and at times awesome:

I couldn’t find the Matsurika version of the OP (with animation), which is AWESOME, but still, here’s the musical version, though I like the animation because all of the characters are covered with cutouts of Matsurika’s face, and it’s funny. The OP in question is from episode 6, so if you want to see it’s awesomeness you’re gonna just have to find a steam of it and watch it.

Matsurika is the best.

Hell, even the first OP was awesome:

Can we bring this back for a second?

One of the greatest OP/ED tandems in anime history. Yeah, I said that. I like the ending and it even has AUTOTUNE (I despise autotune).

Lest we not forget Gundam Kanako.

As for the actual show – I loved it. I gave the first season a 4, which basically means solid but nothing special, yet for some reason I LOVED this season. I found it to be one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen in a long time. It broke the 4th wall at the right times, had complete randomness, side randomness, side jokes, hard to notice animation side jokes…..this was a typical awesome SHAFT bang session, and I ate up everything they threw at me (even the awesome seiyuu).


(Grading Scale Here)

Consider this a preview post for my Top Ten Shows-That-Have-Good-Music countdown. I’m expecting a lot of SHAFT too Natsu no Arashi had amazing OPs…

Oh God this post is going to be……awesome.

My love for OPs has been re-affirmed, I may even redo my top 50 OPs or whatever I did years ago.

My Band Tripod is Complete!

Before the last few days, I had a duo of bands that pretty much ruled my world. That’s right, the unlikely combination of My Chemical Romance and Chatmonchy were pretty much the only bands I’d listen to on a constant basis. Of course, good rap and hip hop remain tied in here as well, with Wu Tang and Tribe Called Quest topping the extensively long list, but they aren’t bands. I’m talking only of bands. And when it came to bands, MCR and Chatmonchy were really the only ones (Fall Out Boy used to be in there, but they kind of got lost when I lost all my music/I’m too lazy/don’t care enough to download their music again). However I did care enough to download…..

Fanart by (probably won't work....hey, I tried)

.     .     .     .     .

Wait, what? Really? Aren’t they like…..Gothic?

Umm…I dunno. No? I mean, sure, in itunes, all the albums were called “Gothic” in the genre column, but I just changed them all, so they’re now Synth-Rock. I like their music. Some of  their songs remind me of Mirror’s Edge, in that they have those synthetic bell noises. However, this also causes problems, as a lot of their songs sound very similar.  This still isn’t that big of a deal though, because the songs are all still pretty good. And all of their albums have the same colors, AKA purple and black, AKA the BEST COLOR COMBO EVER. I mean, it’s not secret that I love the color purple (just look at my avatar or whatever you call it). I have socks that have purple and black horizontal stripes, but I never wear them because they make me look like a fuck. Still, I like the color combo (just not on me). Anyway, as you can see, The Bir-

No dude….seriously… What the fuck is this shit? What is wrong with you? Like really there is something seriously wrong with you.

I don’t know, maybe I just like bands that have three words? My Chemical Romance? Fall Out Boy? If I were ever to make a band, then the band name would be called “Three Word Band,” which is an awesome name because it supports itself, in that the Three Word Band would be three words. It’s failsafe. Anyway, here’s a video of arguably my favorite song.

Whether you liked the incredibly Japanese influenced video or not, one thing is for certain, rocking out with a keyboard? OXYMORON:

Even you have to agree that you look foolish. I guess it's cooler than just sitting there while everyone else kind of goes crazy...not by much though.

Another thing. I don’t like any of the band members. They all look stupid. yes, everything is based on looks. Then again, they’re a band, so I guess they’re allowed to look stupid. MCR also has the same ability (to look stupid), so this is a non-factor.

One thing I noticed as I was rating the songs in my itunes (I rate every single song, and listen to the full song before making a choice. Surprisingly, The Birthday Massacre only managed one or two 5 stars, while my other two bands had around 12 each. You can imagine how my life’s been after just receiving about 4000 songs from oballer. I only put about half of them on my itunes though.) Great, now I linked to oballer. He’s gonna leave some stupid comment about how this band sucks. What a tool. Haters gonna hate, bu he’s partly to blame for me liking them in the first place (more to come on that).

Speaking of blame, now is the time to answer the age old question:

How did this come to be!?

Shit that song is FUCKING AWESOME… anyway…

Where did this band come from? Why did I suddenly like a band that is certainly more gothic than what I like? Compared to MCR, they’re totally different. The guitar chords are much more simple and….well….boring (that’s why I usually hate this kind of music. It’s just like….2 chords banged over and over). However, here we are.

First off, let me say that this band is not as good as MCR or Chatmonchy. I’m on the fence still about whether or not it’s better than Fall Out Boy. I may have to acquire some FOB to test this theory, but for now, I’m throwing it up there in number 3, which puts two bands with female singers in my top 3, along with a band that’s kinda…….gay? They act pretty gay sometimes I’ll be perfectly honest.

I first heard TBM while playing Stepmania. Specifically, this song (note, this is not me playing. I’m better.):

I remember liking the song because it was like two different songs (just like Lucy has two personalities!!!!), and I recalled thinking about looking up more of this band, but I didn’t particularly enjoy what I refer to as “witch screaming.” (the vocals sound like a witch).

Anyway, I soon never bothered to look it up, but then I came across the awesomely superb soundtrack to Sucker Punch, and became obsessed with this song, my favorite part being at 2:48 – 3:40:

My favorite part or this fantastic musical score was where Bjork (I think) was screaming. Screaming girls is a good thing as long as the girl isn’t “witch screaming” or getting raped or something. So I decided, “Bjork huh? I’ve heard everyone making fun of her, but never heard her music. Maybe I’ll check her out.”

First of all, let me say that Bjork (young Bjork) almost reminds me of Eriko from Chatmonchy, which is….idk good? Maybe? I can’t tell if she looks cute or just weird. I tend to like weird though, as long as it pertains only to fashionistic stylings (which Bjork has in droves). So I became a fan of Bjork for all of one minute, until realizing that her music, aside from maybe 2 songs, was garbage. She sucks.

Then the search began. I wanted to find a band with a female lead singer who would occasionally scream and was kind of similar in style to MCR. Some people said Paramore, but I already knew that they sucked. There were a lot of bands listed online (Yahoo Answers is AWESOME). And as I typed each band into youtube to sample their music, I became more and more discouraged. Then I came across The Birthday Massacre, a band that I thought I had never heard of (I had no idea that they played the above Stepmania song, even though it was LISTED IN MY ITUNES. I immediatly thought, “Oh! This is that band!” I still had my doubts, but I sampled their music and liked what I heard, and thus….

Welcome to my triumverant.

Other runners up included:

The Ropes
Why did the writing get so smalll!!!?? WordPress SUCKS I'm done here!

Shitty Musical Artists Post – Rewrite

First of all, expect a SHIT load of posts this week. I’ve finished a few shows, got a few things written, etc. I know I said this week was themed, but surprise surprise, I already decided to kind of give up on that. I will rewrite a few posts though, starting with this one.

For this entry, I will be rewriting THIS POST.

In said post, I listed three artists as heavily overrated: Nickelback, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and Linkin Park.

I would like to retract at least part of that statement. Nickelback still sucks. In fact, they’re worse than ever. I hope that they all get punched in the throat and none of them can ever speak again (this eliminates the possibility of any band member stepping up to take over vocals). They suck, and I wish their music would be banned from the world. All records of them ever existing being burned or sent into space. They’re really really bad. Portugal agrees with me on this subject. I wish that Nickelback would take a hint and just stop making music. You’d think a rock to the head would let them know that people don’t like them.

Kings of Leon still suck because their lead singer still sounds like a whiney bitch crying for his mama.

Dave Matthews Band still sucks but I hear their concerts are fucking awesome because everyone gets really really shit faced. While I like that, the fact that you’d have to listen to Dave Matthews Band kind of ruins the whole experience. I’d rather get shitfaced alone.

Coldplay and Jack Johnson still suck.

However, the other two bands I listed really don’t belong in this post. Green Day pretty much sucks now, but at one point they were actually pretty good, and I did like that September song they did, and that was recent, so they get a pass. American Idiot was still a piece of shit of an album, and was totally overrated. I don’t even know about the next album they put out. 21 Guns just pissed me off as far as songs go. But still. Brain Stew and all the songs from those times were good.

Then we have Linkin Park. I must have been having some sort of brain malfunction when I added them into the mix. They had like….one song I didn’t like. But they have had a lot of songs I did like. And check out this piece of greatness:

That’s a great song. That drum kick is just great. This song has alone restored my liking of Linkin Park. But even before this song came out, I still felt like I messed up with Linkin Park.I mean, Breaking the Habit? The video was like…anime. What’s not to like?

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say regarding that post.



For YEARS I have been trying to beat this God damn song on Stepmania! And today, one day after finally re-downloading Stepmania and starting to play again, I have finally, FINALLY Beaten this GOD DAMN SONG!!!!

(the actual version that I played is no where to be found).

That was the short version, the version I had to play over and over and over and over was about 5 minutes long or some crazy shit. I wish I could show you the steps, but if you want to know them, download stepmania, and then this song:

It’ll take like….5 seconds to do. You have to actually place the folder that the song is in into the song folder in the stepmania program files. It’s easy.

To be honest, I’m still shaking. I had a personal mother fucking vendetta against this song. 5 minutes of retarded jumping steps!!! To be honest again, the song isn’t even that good. I mean, by now I have it memorized, and it’s grown on me, but the only reason I’ve been trying to beat it was because I couldn’t beat it the first time….or the second time….I hate losing, and persistance finally paid off!

The steps to this song were retarded jumping steps, and they were AWESOME. The more I played, the farther into the song I got, the more I wanted to beat the shit out of this song (in a good way). God I’m so fucking pumped. I declare this the best (well, top 5) song in terms of steps EVER. (number one has to be Fascination Maxx Overload).

You have NO idea how pumped I am. NO IDEA. I feel like I just won the fucking Super Bowl. BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

NOTE: You may think that this totally didn’t warrant a post, but it totally did. More than you even know. I wish I wrote the whole post in ALL CAPS even.

As for my grade, I got a D, which is horrible….I remember when I used to AA a song like it was nothing….I guess taking a year or two off does make you kind of rusty.

Extra Shit

I’ve started Birdy the Mighty: Decode. It’s pretty good so far (about 4 episodes done). However, I’m kind of unintentionally putting all anime/manga on hold for a while.

I’ll perhaps continue watching anime when I catch up to 30 Rock, which, along with Stepmania, has been occupying all of my time.

The OPs of Yesteryear

Remember when OP’s were actually kinda cool? Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru! Russi-Russian!


In the current time period, the music in most OPs is poppy, stupid, and always sung by some pop idol girl or some shit. Most OPs have chimes and shit. Most OPs just suck. Back in the day, OPs were great. They had something I like to call class.

What am I trying to say here with this post? Nothing more than the OPs of the past were much more awesome than most OPs that are released nowadays. I mean, sure, there’s the occasional good OP every now and then, but honestly, is there any OP currently that you would consider to be a classic forget-me-not OP? The last one I can think of is Kuragehime’s OP, but that’s just because I’m a rabid Chatmonchy fan. Most of the good stuff is from the 90s time period, and I’d  say the early 2000s as well. I know Higurashi had an awesome OP, and who could forget Haruhi’s OP.

I’m mainly talking about right now. The past few years. OPs have really gone downhill. I mean, I used to love OPs, but recently I haven’t heard anything that makes me think

“Oh snap mutha fucka! This is a mutha fucking awesome mutha fuckin OP!”

(Yes, this is how sentences sound in my mind)

As I said before, Kuragehime’s OP is the only time I’ve felt any kind of serious likeness for an OP since….maybe the any OP for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or that one Bleach OP by Scandal. And sure, there’ve been a bunch of OPs that have been good, but nothing that rememberable. Nothing that makes me want to download the song and listen to it anyway.

Of course, I’m merely referring to the music portion only. Honestly, this post reflects everything that’s been going wrong with anime. The OPs as well as general plots and series are getting increasingly less original. They’re getting increasingly more generic, and that’s why anime simply just isn’t as good as it used to be (but still really really fucking awesome). Enough with the pop-generic shit. Give me some unique music. Give me some blasting guitar solos. Give me some Hip Hop. GIVE ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT! NO MORE POPPY AUTOTUNE SHIT!!!!! FUCKING AUTOTUNE SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, it just seems to me like nobody’s really trying anymore when it comes to OPs. Take a look at anything from the last few seasons and you’ll see what I mean. Sure SHAFT can usually put together something pretty decent, but bah, not enough to float my boat. Besides, the steps in Renai Circulation don’t match the beat, and that pisses me off.

What am I trying to say here?

Step your game up OPs. Step it up HARD.


I truthfully wrote this post only to show that I like the OP in Dirty Pair (which I’m enjoying), and to use the word, “Yesteryear.” That’s all I really wanted to do. But truthfully, everything was better in the 90s.