Remembering Love: Black Lagoon

So I got over the name thing…anyway…

Black Lagoon wasn’t really one of the first shows I watched. I watched it as recently as 2009, which by that time Eye Sedso was already beginning to flourish into the top ISSS it is today.

That being said though, it’s one of my favorite anime, and I’ve obsessed with trying to find a show that comes close in terms of completely bad-ass bad-assness, totally off the charts characters, and incredibly high entertainment. To this date, I haven’t found anything like that that compares to

Black Lagoon

I kinda already just explained why the show is awesome, now let me explain how the show is awesome. I went to rewatch one episode (16, because Frederica Sawyer, who is awesome, makes her debut in that episode), and of course I couldn’t stop watching. I really need to buy this fucking show or I might pull a Revy and shoot everyone up just for shits and giggles (mainly shits).

Fuck ass cunt shit. This show just gets me in a mood to swear and do bad things. It throws an edge at me and I love it.

I’ve always said that you know a show is  really good when it takes over your entire life, and fuck me if I didn’t watch both full seasons in one day (I waited for the second season to finish before I started the first). Everything about Black Lagoon is fucking awesome, and probably the best character in the show is the city of Roanapur, which is a city that sounds more like a carnival. No law and literally every kind of criminal you can think of. The entire mindset of the people there is on another level. God I wish it existed I would be there in a heartbeat.

And okay, I’m not saying that I desperately want to kill people or anything like that, but at least in the fictional city of Roanapur, people won’t get overly sensitive and start crying about how someone hurt their feelings or some shit. I feel like in today’s world there’s a hate crime for everything. People sue people because McDonald’s made them fat? It’s called exercise you fat bitch. “He called me this she called me that.” – It’s all nonsense and I’m sick of it. All people do is find something to bitch about.

Well in Roanapur, if you call someone a bitch or make fun of their race or something, they’re not gonna get mad, they’re just gonna smile and beat your ass. Problem solved. A lesson learned. Justice served. The issue is completely resolved and the world goes on, with nobody, not even the cops, giving a shit about your broken nose and cracked ribs.

Roanapur is a city pretty much governed by the people and run by common sense. Do something dumb = Get your ass beat. Don’t do something dumb = You’re in the clear…well for the most part you are. You’re never in the clear completely. You wanna use a fake ID at a bar? Okay, no one’s gonna arrest you and try you in court, they’re just going to laugh at you for using such a dumb ID and kick your ass back on the street…actually, they’d probably serve you, because no one gives a shit if you’re underage. Underage drinking is a law for pussies, and that’s another reason why I like Roanapur. All of the pussy laws are pretty much thrown out. You won’t get arrested for breaching the peace, someone will just throw a bottle at your head. Simple. Easy. Law in a lawless city.


I never noticed but the gunshots in the title are actually sillhouettes of the main characters (I’m assuming they’re the main characters).

Then of course there’s the characters like the salaryman turned pirate-badass, Rock (even his name got more badass just from visiting the island). Revy, one of the top 5 greatest female characters ever. Should I continue? Yes. Even the characters who don’t get much screentime, like Frederica Sawyer, are totally awesome ass fuck.

The characters don’t give a shit about each other. Sure they may talk and joke with each other, but they also won’t hesitate to put a bullet in the other’s head. There are no friends In Roanapur, and personal emotions are checked at the door.


Time to get my ass in gear and finally read the manga.

16 thoughts on “Remembering Love: Black Lagoon

  1. LOL Good choice. Let’s just say Black Lagoon is the only show where I can tell everyone, “If you’re overly sensitive to cursing every ten or so lines, too bad, this show is great, watch it anyways!” Really need to finish Season 2 some time…

  2. Revy just makes me want to be a lesbian. She’s just so tough. God I loved the look on her face that one time Rock flipped out on her and they almost blew each others asses off. I always imagined that at some point they had hot sex.

  3. so what was your first anime? mine was Evangelion (brainfuck), when i was 10, in a nigth-long marathon, on holy week… thats a sacary combination there.

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