Hentai Boobs Anime Breasts Naked Animes and Mangas (NSFW)

First of all, I gave this the stupidest name I could think of.

Second of all, you’re all perverts. This isn’t safe for work. AT ALL. Unless you work in a porn factory or something.


You think this is hot? She’s probably getting raped. By tentacles. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Disgusting Whore

I bet this gets your motor revved doesn’t it? You God damn pervert. THIS IS SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER! (except not really, it’s actually just a drawing).

Terrible skank.

Velvet Skin? I don’t know what that is, but this is clearly a WHORE WITH HEADPHONES. I bet you like this don’t you? Jesus…my readers are all fucking perverts.

School Skank

Naked in school? HAVE YOU NO DECENCY!!?? Since it’s an anime, she’s probably in MIDDLE SCHOOL. You should be ARRESTED YOU CREEP!

Glasses bottom bitch

I BET these glasses turn you on, don’t they? You fetish loving freak. Go run yourself a bath…AND DROWN YOURSELF!

This post is a test to see if fanservice really is all that people care about, and also to see what bloggers are the most perverted. I also love writing captions like these. It’s a lot of fun. I believe it’s also fun to berate my reader(s).

Yup. I’ve really stopped caring at this point. Should I write something with substance? I guess I should, otherwise this post would just be a tease.

But I won’t. Now get your hand off your dick. You fucking pervert.

High School Of The Dead: One of the Most Bad-Ass Things I’ve Ever Watched

All I can say is, Holy Shit. I’m glad I waited and marathoned this. There was not one minute that wasn’t adrenaline rushed,  not one episode that less than awesome, and not one character who was not bad-ass. Well, okay, there were a few non-bad-ass characters. They all died.

You know, I never used to like zombie movies, zombie shows, or anything zombie related in particular. Zombies to me were just kind of…bleh. Every movie about zombies was and pretty much still is the same. People turn into zombies. Other people try not to get eaten….big deal. Each one has the same plot right? Well, I’m officially jumping on the zombie bandwagon and riding it until I’m out of ammo and my blade is dull from slicing off the heads of the undead. How awesome was this anime? I just finished it, and instead of writing my lab report due tomorrow today that pretty much decides my whole grade for a class, I’m writing this post. Edit: My lab report SUCKED, and I could care less.

Coming into HOTD (which is an awesome acronym), I was expecting a decent show about zombies, only because I heard that the manga kicked ass. This was a mute point however. Mainly, I was just happy to have a show with a shit ton of blood. I feel like anime is lacking in the blood department. There are almost no shows that choose to have bloody massacres anymore and that makes me sad. Needless to say, High School of the Dead made me happy.

So I watched it. I watched two episodes, and I thought, “Hey, this is a pretty good show.” Then I stopped watching….well….pretty much every new show I had started. This happens to me every season. I start about 12 shows, watch 2 episodes, and quit. Same thing here. Until a couple days ago, when I forced myself to start watching HOTD again. Since than, I’ve been in shear bloody ecstasy. As I watched, I began to realize that this show had what I now like to refer to as:

The Triple Entente

Of a Bad-Ass Show

1. All Characters Are Bad-Ass

This show certainly fits the bill. Every character (who remains alive throughout) is bad-ass as FUCK. Even the little girl who they find is bad ass! I mean, she not only hits a zombie with a tire (which is the most she could do really), but she also pees on people without any regard! I mean, the only slightly non-bad-ass character was Saya, but that’s only because she only shot a few zombies at close range without hesitation, as opposed to say, Saeko, who slaughters zombies mercifully and fucking gets wet from it.

Here, at least according to subbers, she is killing everyone, and proclaims to be wet. This is great, and made me wet too (because I spilled my water on myself when I jumped in the air [it’s a side-effect of seeing awesomeness]). In case you’re wondering, yes, Saeko is my favorite character, and yes, it’s mainly because she’s a girl who has a sword and enjoys killing.

On second thought, I just remembered that the school nurse, who is a whore, was completely non-bad-ass. In fact, she sucked. At least she was never afraid of anything (mainly because she had no clue what was going on most of the time).

2. Blood

There was not only blood, but there was also, blood, blood, and more blood.

3. Tits and Ass

BOOBS and ASS. The best inventions since the vagina was created by Thomas Edison in 1324 BCE, and the perfect combo when talking about pretty much any situation. I mean, we even get to see some Zombie ass! (which is kinda weird to be honest, but awesome nonetheless). In fact, and correct me if I’m wrong, but every single female shown in this anime has gigantic tits (little girl aside). Even if you’re put off by everything else in this show, you can still come to glare at some nice round cans (meaning boobs or ass).

Actually, there was some vagina here too, which adds to the awesomeness. I should rename this TAV.


The other thing that made this great was the animation. Some shows are donuts. They start and finish with great animation, but everything in between sucks. Other shows are Tokko, where the animation sucks all the way through. Some shows are Air Master, where only specific scenes have awesome animation, but the rest of the show has shitty crap. This show was none of the above. It was fully 100% beautiful animation. Which meant fluid fight scenes. What are fluid fight scenes? They’re bad-ass catchers. When you have fluid fight scenes, you can capture all of the bad-assness in a show.


We’re talking high flying kicks, unrealistic dodges, gunshots to the head from several angles, bullets weaving in between breasts and under vaginas…..everything that can be considered awesome. Slow motion, fast motion changing views…..it’s honestly a marvel. I loved it. I’m intensely glad I didn’t read the manga, because it wouldn’t have been close in bad-assness, and the animation is why.

So, in the end, HOTD was an adrenaline rush of awesome excitement at every turn, and I can’t think of a single reason to give this show any grade lower than a 5^^, nor would I ever want to.


Oh No! Bill been bitten by a lazily photoshoped body! (although I used paint, not photoshop....If I said a lazily "Painted" body than no one would have known what I was talking about).

B Gata H Kei Episode 2: Thunder-Package

It’s been a while since I did episodic posts. I hope I can keep it up.

I still hate everything about this OP. It might be the stupidest OP ever made, from the song to the animated content… It’s all just stupid.

This episode had good humor like an ice cream bar. I thought that it was even funnier than the first episode, despite the fact that it had the cliche pool/fireworks theme for part (only part) of the episode. However, this episode contained so many awesomely funny things that I found myself laughing several times, and while B Gata H Kei might not be as awesome as Arakawa Under the Bridge (which is clearly the best show this season as of now), I would slot this in as the second best show of the season (even though I’ve seen like…..2 shows so far).

Episode Plot: Yamada is a slutty whorish whore. First, she gets Kosuda to go to the pool with her.

I could make that screenshot into a joke, but if I did that every single time a characters says something about coming… well then I’d have a pretty awesome post filled with cum jokes, but that’s besides the point. Make your own cum joke.

Look at the sign for the women’s bathroom. This has to be the greatest women’s bathroom sign ever made. Look at the opening legs, they’re just inviting you to go inside (of the bathroom?). Anyway, they get to the pool (which is actually more like a waterpark), and Yamada let’s the dogs out, releasing a huge twist to the viewing audience about what she really thinks about.

Why am I reminded of a crack addict?

I wonder, do most girls has sex as the only thing in their mind? If so, that’s the girl for me. A girl who only wants sex would be fantastic. Like this girl. Anyway, after the whole pool incident, which ended with Kosuda hugging Yamada to apologize for hugging her (yea), Yamada is under the impression that she’s bout to get railed hard any day now. And as a practicer of safe sex, she decides that she needs condoms, and goes with Takeshita, her big titted friend.

Isn't that what she wants them to think? (lol)

Hahahaha Holy shit, and I was just joking.

She ends up buying what I would assume to be a few hundred dollars worth of condoms (condoms aren’t cheap), which must have given the clerks at the counter a real ride. I mean, if you saw some 15 year old girl come up to the counter of your store and buy about 50 boxes of condoms, what would you be thinking? Biggest whore ever? I might tell her to just drop out of school and do porn for a living if you want to have that much sex. Maybe get on the pill as well (doesn’t birth control make a girls tits bigger? I heard that somewhere). What a slut.

Looks like she accidentally bought gay condoms for gay people only. She'll have to return those.

At this time in the show, we get AWESOME 4th WALL BREAKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So blah blah blah. She goes back to school the next day and says hello to Kosuda in class, to which he offers a stuttered reply of “hello”, looking clearly embarrassed and disheveled. Yamada then does something awesome:

Not only does she laugh into the back of her hand like this:

but she also says (or thinks) something very hypocritical, which is a double awesome funny-ness scene, because we all like to laugh at hypocrites for being stupid. And I especially love when female characters laugh into the backs of their hands.

Anyway, she sees Kosuda talking to some girl with giant tits and glasses. The girl has made him cookies and it’s apparent to everyone that she wants Kosuda’s thunder-package. Now the tables are turned, as Yamada becomes disheveled, and immediately goes crazy. However, this adds yet ANOTHER awesome thing to this show: Stalking.

What do these two screenshots tell us? Well, first of all, Kazuki is as of this moment, my favorite character in this show. She understands how awesome it is to have someone stalk you. Look how happy she is as she cries when she sees that Yamada is stalking her brother! She’s like a proud mother. Not only that, but she also walks around naked, and has a general non-caring attitude towards everything. A good example is in the first episode. She can tell that Yamada wants to give a scented oil massage to the knots in Kosuda’s cock-back. A normal sister would normally prevent that, but she instead decides to leave them alone for 2 hours. What an awesome person! Mamiko Noto has never had such a great role.

I think it's funny that the censorship bar is the cover of the box of condoms that is always spoken of in this show.

I think it's funny that the censorship bar is the cover of the box of condoms that is always spoken of in this show.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say on this episode. I left out a lot of funny parts just because. If the next episode is half as good as this one, then it will be a great episode.

Critique of My Crappy Art: Part One

So….I finally have some of my art on my computer. Let it be known that I’m incredibly lazy, and it usually shows in may artwork. I’m going to break down my artwork one piece at a time, although I might do 2 or 3 pieces per post. The first piece will be something I did wayyyyy back in high school.

I would like to point out that this piece of shit was made in high school, and that’s why it looks so shitty….well, one of the reasons. To be perfectly honest, this looks a lot crappier on my computer than in real life. In real life, it’s a lot brighter and less shitty.

First a little about the picture in question:

  • The size is 28 by 22 inches. It’s a decent size, but at the same time, not huge.
  • I used a combo of pen and ink and watercolor pencil. Water color Pencil was interesting, you draw with it and then use water to create a wash over the image….it was pretty cool, and it was easy to get pretty cool color mixes.
  • I kind of used this piece to try out different pen and ink techniques (pointillism, cross hatching, etc.)
  • There’s no name….it’s a picture I found on Google.
  • I didn’t use a grid.
  • Lloyd Banks is the man.

Time for me to rip it apart:

Okay, I’m going to pick out a few sections that are wrong and color code them so you know what I’m talking about.

BLUE: In these two areas, the perspective is completely off. In the top blue section, the screens on the side are drawn at a higher level than the screens in the front. Also, they aren’t parallel with the line of the roof/floor. Basically, I completely ignored the rules of one or two point perspective. The door on the bottom looks completely fucked up. The perspective all over is pretty bad, but then again, I did this in high school, where I really sucked at art.

RED: The shadows and values here weren’t really that bad in the corner there, but the plants (which you could barely see in the photo version) have no value, and are actually way too bright. All over this picture, the values are off, and there isn’t enough contrast, although in real life, the picture looks ten times better. I should rephrase: The values are too inconsistent. Sometimes I have values, sometimes I don’t.

GREEN: Just look how sloppy this is. I was running out of time, and so I had to rush through this part. There’s also no value in the trees. The overall craftsmanship is pretty bad overall, in my opinion.

LIGHT BLUE: Again, craftsmanship and perspective were pretty shitty here. It’s just too scribbly, and the back corner of the roof is too low compared to the front (or the front is too high). Let me use a picture or two to explain:

Get it? (I created this using paint…..good thing I don’t have a Mac!)

PINK: I actually like this section. Probably the only part I can actually say I like. I also love the bushes, even though they don’t look like bushes at all. They look fucking cool though.

So chances are that pretty much anyone can draw something like this. It’s really nothing special, but I’m not just going to show my good stuff (although truthfully, it really does look a lot better in real life, it’s brighter, there’s WAY more detail…..etc). Next peice will be something I actually like:

Okay, even though this wasn’t really hard to do, I love it. Skulls are pretty easy to draw, and this is only in pencil (I think?). I mean, there’s really nothing special about this…it’s only like, a 5 minute sketch, but for some reason I love it. Maybe I just like skulls, but there isn’t much I can crtitque about it….or is there???

Wait, let me go over stuff about this really quick:

  1. It’s a 5-10 minute sketch of a skull that was sitting in the class.
  2. Was done in Drawing I (freshman level art).
  3. Pencil on drawing paper.
  4. The piece was 18-24 inches (all drawings are going to be 18-24 pretty much)

For a 5-10 minute sketch, it’s pretty good. I want to say it was ten minutes, because I was able to do a background. but I will say that if I were to do it again, I would add more contrast (darker darks and lighter lights). However, with pencil, you can only go so dark, it’s easier to get darker with charcoal. I might also clean it up a bit, but I kind of like the sketchy feel of it (I LOVE sketchy images, so you’re going to see a lot of my stuff with sketchyness. Example? This:

As usual, this looks better in real life. The contrast is better. Some of the darks in the fact are lost when I took the picture, but  love this, in fact, it’s one of my favorite profiles. I probably have better looking ones, but this is my favorite. It might appear that the face looks all fucked up (the eyes look odd, and the lip look a bit low), but the model in question had a FUCKED UP FACE. She was an old, saggy bag, and this looks almost exactly like her (I think this was a 15 minute drawing). If you could see the model, you’d agree with me. But notice the sketchyness arond her shirt and other areas of her face. I hate doing smooth shading. I mean, sometimes I’ll do it, but for the most part, I like how this looks more.

  • 18-24 inches.
  • Charcoal on drawing paper.


There’s still plenty wrong with this profile, and I’ll point it out now:

  • Her hair. There’s nowhere near enough value, although that’s only in this version. In real life her hair is about as dark as the shirt….I don’t know why it didn’t show up like that when I took the picture. I could have used darker darks I guess, but in real life, it actually looks pretty good to me. I’m going to try and take another picture.

What the fuck? This looks like a completely different picture…look:

The one on the left is the first picture I took. The second one  looks wider for some reason….I guess I just suck at taking pictures…..but yeah…anyway. I’m going to end this with some notes I took in figure drawing, that were supposed to be about the facial structure of a person (where to place eyes/nose/etc). For me, these are actually pretty good notes:

You think those are bad (the notes)? You should see my actual notebook. Every page has an anime doodle (I literally just opened to a random page and found 3 anime faces, with another on the previous page. You would think that with all of the anime I draw instead of taking notes, that I’d be at least somewhat decent at drawing anime figures. Given time, I could actually do a good job. I could probably even do artwork for a manga (given time…lots of time..personally, I could probably draw the faces pretty well (these obviously don’t count), but the figures are….well, I suck at figure drawing, as you’ll find out soon enough). Also, look at the BOOBS. BOOBS is the only word where you could turn every part of every letter into a boob. You can’t turn every part of every letter from the word FIRETRUCK into a firetruck, can you? (while having it still be legible). One more reason why boobs rock.

Well that’s it. I’ll try and do better next time….maybe I’ll even draw some manga or something. I’ll probably throw up some of my paintings (one of which is actually cool and has a picture that actually came out good).

Chest Wars! To Boob? Or Not To Boob?

The Deathseeker is a blog I am subscribed to. The Deathseeker is a good blog. The Deathseeker has declared war on boobs. Well, not really on boobs, but has declared that we start a war (or debate rather) about what’s better: Nice Big Boobs or DFCs (Delicious Flat Chest….yea…that’s not pedophilic or anything).

So he asks us of the anime blogs (and in my case, ISSS) to declare their side. Needless to say this is a post that is right up my alley (BTW this won’t even be close to a safe for work post, unless you ever work for me), as I love talking about tits, ass, and all sorts of perverted stuff. Judging by a certain past post where I had a similar debate, you can probably guess what side I’m on, right?

Wrong. You have no idea (well actually you do, but…)


Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of perfect boobs on Google? VERY HARD (like my cock after looking at tons of pictures of boobs on Google ZIiiIIzZzZZ). In the end I SETTLED on this picture of Aoi Sora, who I think has a great body, a nice set of boobs, and pretty awesome hair (although she has kind of a large nose, and needs a trim down below (apparently in Japanese culture a shaved region gives the impression of a slut or something….I heard that somewhere). Here’s another picture of her.

For fucks sake this girl is unbelievable....you know what? She could keep the hair I'd still be fine with it.

digitalboy found some boobs that were close in his post (which failed to pick a side, and instead took the cheap “why can’t we all get along” way out…this is a WAR!!! When you say “can’t wee all just get along” makes you sound like a hippie, and I hate hippies, with their God damn music and flower power and other bullshit), but I don’t want to use the same ones (for the record, I’m referring to Yua Aida, not the 2-D pictures). I in fact though that they were the perfect boobs, but in fact I would like them slightly……

As I continue to beat around the bush (and my DICK! EL OHHH EL!), let me get back to that post I linked to way above (my post, not Deathseeker’s) where me and fellow ISSSer Refuse to Come Wack (that’s really your internet name? It’s the same as your ISSS. You can’t do that, it’s stupid), had a rousing debate about which was better: tits, or ass? Well, he “called” ass before I did, so I was forced to choose the side of boobs, even though personally, I believe that ASS is BETTER THAN BOOBS! (I still won the debate in question if you ask me [in fact, the poll at the bottom of the post in question is TIED 28-28!]). But the question for this post wasn’t whether or not I like boobs or ass more, it was what type of boobs I like more.

I want my mouth/hands/anything on these now.

Truth be told I don’t really mind small boobs at all. They really aren’t bad. Does that mean I want a girl that’s completely flat? NO……well, as long as she doesn’t look like a child. A girl can still have womanly qualities even if she doesn’t have huge tits. I mean, look at Qwen Stefani, she’s a smoke-show, but she doesn’t exactly need a bra. At the same time, she doesn’t look like a child, you can tell she’s a wild sex panther! Another bonus is that your wife (if she has a flat bust) will never have sagging boobs that get all old and wrinkly and saggy (shudders), nor will she have back troubles! Truthfully, there are good things about girls with small chests.

So you’re saying that you like DFC?

I would not go that far. While I said I don’t mind flat girls, I never said I prefer them.

So you’ve finally reached a conclusion? Big tits?


Then what the fuck?

Well, I guess if I have to choose a side, Big Boobs would be the obvious choice, but not too big, just noticeable. The boobs of Aoi Sora are probably some of the best around, but all I need is a handful. If I can cup a boob with my hand, with maybe a little more spare boob, then it’s the perfect size boob.

You realize that this was supposed to be about boobs on anime girls, right?

Uh….yea…..yea of course I knew that……I mean……wait a sec…….it says “or real life counterparts” so what the fuck?

Yea, but still…

I have an ISSS = I can do what I want. I’m not going to show anime boobs just because…you know what? It’s not like those are the rules or anything anyway! They’re more like guidelines if anything! I’m saying I like boobs, what man doesn’t like boobs? They don’t HAVE to be anime boobs. There is no way in hell I’m showing anime boobs just because it would please the court. NO WAY.

HOLY SHIT. When I was looking on google for “anime boobs” I clicked on some picture, and it was from MY SITE! WTF!!!!

Anyway, I threw in many many pictures of topless anime girls, just for you jackasses who need to see anime boobs. Personally, I prefer nice, real life, grab-able boobs on a woman, but to each his own floating boat….or something like that.

For the record, even in anime, big boobs are still better, as long as they’re not used for retardedly blatant fanservice like they were in this post. I mean, who wants to see lolis running around everywhere? That’s kind of pedophilic (mainly because lolis just look like kids, not like adult women with small breasts….then again, most characters in anime are like….15…..holy shit everyone who gets off to anime is a pedophile [note: this list does not include me, personally, I had to stop looking at anime boobs because I got bored {not ever lying(athough I am really tired….boxing two days in a row? pshhhhhhh)}]). Can we get some more real boobs in this post? I don’t like the ratio.


Candace Smith:

Keeping the diversity up, here’s another set of black boobs (for the record, I’m not a fan of a lot of black boobs, but to prove I’m not racist, I will say that I found a lot of black asses that I liked).

African Boobs:

Perfect Boobs:

This last pair of boobs is, in my opinion, the best pair of boobs I have ever laid eyes on. Also, this girl is arguably the hottest on this page. In fact, I don’t think this girl is even human. She’s clearly from an unknown alien race that are comprised of perfect looking people. Still, real life boobs are soooooooo much better than anime boobs. They just are. They look better, they feel better (well, I’ve never felt an anime boob before, wouldn’t it be the same as grabbing a piece of paper?). Just look at these, and compare them to anime boobs. Anime boobs look like shit. They’re drawings. I don’t want to put my mouth on a drawing. What the fuck am I talking about? I’m rambling. This post was off-topic 600 times.

In conclusion, I declare myself for the side of large boobs (I can’t stop staring at that last picture…I’m not even looking at them in an erotic way….those are just works of art…..I want to bury my face in them….artistically).

NOTE: I still love Aoi Sora. She’s fucking hot, and her hair is awesome. If I wasn’t already satisfied with my current marriage to klux, then I would totally fly to Japan and marry this girl.


Real Life Boobs > Anime Boobs

Should I write a post about that^^?

And with that, I’m off to da NYC to get it poppin hollaback. Chillin wit da homies eastside straight murda thug life ponies and rainbows from da streets ya heard.

The Influence of Anime: Saki

BOOB ALERT: (no nudity, just thought you’d want to know that this post is gonna rock).

Days (more like months) back, Saki came out. I watched one episode, and thought that it was a show I could see myself liking, but there was one problem. I didn’t have a fucking clue what any of these characters were talking about when they were playing mahjong. I didn’t know the first thing about mahjong! The phrases, the game moves, everything just confused me. So I put it on hold until I learned mahjong, and then I began the long process (not really) of learning the game.

At first I read up on it, looked at everything, and even tried playing online. But I was playing the wrong kind. In Saki, they play the Japanese version of the game (obviously), while I was playing the Chinese version. They’re different, believe me. I was playing the Chinese version, and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was used to Kan and Pun and stuff with the version in Saki, and with the Chinese version they use words like chow and kong and I was getting confused because they weren’t the same, and it never crossed my mind that there could be different variations/translations of terms (I guess I’m just that dumb). It was at this point that I decided, “Hey, fuck it.” I put the anime on Injured Reserve for a while, until such time that I wanted to give it another try.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided that maybe I can still enjoy the anime even though I don’t get the game. So I picked it up. After 1 more episode, I decided, yet again, that it was time to learn mahong. This time, I knew that they were playing Japanese style, and that’s probably why I was able to learn it much easier than the previous attempt (I was used to the terms, and already knew the tiles from my first attempt to learn this game). The second attempt therefore came much easier than the first. There were still some things that I didn’t get, but I got the help I needed thanks my twitter conversation with zzeroparticle and pantherh. So yea, now I love mahjong, and by love, I mean I’ll play it when I’m bored. Now that I’m finished with that boring, pointless story, I can deliver my review of


So Saki is about a girl named Saki who has been playing mahjong with her family since she was little. However, her parents would get mad at her if she lost, and got mad if she won, so she learned to just finish at plus/minus 0 every time (which is kind of like breaking even in poker every single time you play). Eventually she gets involved with her school’s mahjong club, and learns to turn this ability to break even into one where she pretty much becomes unstoppable.  Rie Kugimiya is also in this anime, so I was going to watch it regardless.

It’s actually a pretty good plot. More original then a lot of other bullshit out there. For pros and cons, I’m just going to pick one thing and focus on it.

Pro – The Mahjong Games

First of all, anime that feature tournaments of any kind are usually awesome. The same is true here. Although mahjong is kind of half luck half skill, in Saki, luck and skill seem to go hand and hand. For example. When a character looks like they’re down and out, they will suddenly call richii, and then the rest of the players will be stunned. In real life mahong, this doesn’t mean that said character has the game in hand, they still have to wait for another tile to declare ron (a winning hand). But in Saki, the character pretty much will always then reach to pick up a tile, thus winning. If said character is drawing a facedown tile, then they pick it up, seemingly knowing that it’s the winning tile (it will usually be shining or something) and do something like throw it up in the air and slam it down on the table, declaring tsumo (winning hand). It’s all showy and I liked it. Pretty much, everything is very over dramtized, I did a poor job at explaining, but take the fight scenes in a show like Sengoku Basara and translate them to Mahjong. That’s what the games are like.

Another good aspect of the games is the players themselves. They always have some kind of special ability/trait, and let’s face it, special abilities/traits kick ass. I’ll use my favorite character as an example.

Momo is awesome, and here’s why:

As a young one, she was that girl who, while she was never a loser, never really stood out, ie, she was simply invivsible. She broke off all attempts to even communicate with anyone, and this translates to her mahong game. She has the ability to make her moves and tiles invisible. Likewise, she’ll declare richii and no one will even know. More importantly (at least according to the subs) she pluralizes random words. For examples, she might say something like:

“I believes you!”

There is no need to pluralize “believes”, but she does it. What a rebel!  Momo kicks ass. Also, she’s a complete lesbian (wait….who ISN’T one in this show? Oh yea, Yuki…and Jun Fukuyama’s character, who is obviously a male.). That’s probably another pro. There’s a shitload of yuri themes. There’s no overpowering raging lesbians, but there’s a lot of ambiguous lesbianism. For example, girls will blush at each other during moments of, well, I guess you could call it affection? Basically when someone tells someone else something encouraging or anything like that, one or the other will blush. Usually the person blushing is Nodoka when Saki tells her something. And the only two that seem to have an actual lesbian relationship is Momoko and Yumi, although during the last episode, well, I’ll just say that it was filled with yuri.

Well I got completely off topic, but you should have guessed that that was going to happen.

Best Pro: The Mahjong Matches (they also contained some BAM moments)

Con – Nodoka’s Boobs

Wow. That’s all I have to say. I couldn’t wait to write this, and I guarantee I actually will be able to stick to topic. The animation overall in Saki is pretty good. I couldn’t notice anything that made me think “Wow this sucks.” EXCEPT NODOKA’S TITS.

Her tits actually contradict themselves. Now, to prove that I am a better artist than those who used a pen to take a stab at Nodoka’s mountain range, I took a screenshit and fixed it IN PAINT. That’s right, in paint. Each one took about 10 seconds to fix. Here is the first one:

Do you see the problem? In the top picture (the original) the boobs are outlined. Why, I have no idea. You can’t have both outlines of boobs AND folds over them…it makes not sense. If the boobs were outlined, it would mean that her shirt is tucked under her boobs, which would be entirely possible, except that there are also folds that would indicate the shirt NOT being tucked under her massive cans. So I removed the lines, yielding a more natural look. Of course, there’s still a whole lot wrong with this, I mean, the folds are going in the wrong directions. Here’s another boob job:

The folds shouldn’t be going up and down, , I’ll draw a picture of how they should look in a bit (it’s gonna be a shitty paint picture….eventually I’m going to put up some actual art of mine). Here’s another boob job:

Everything is wrong. The folds are overloaded. And you know what? I’m not going to draw a picture of huge boobs. I’m going to use google to do it for me:

Take note: The folds in the shirt are HORIZANTAL (across) NOT VERTICAL. Have these artists ever even seen huge tits? Probably not, because they live in Japan (ba-dump. kishhh)

This one has only one fold, but it goes across the shirt, it doesn’t outline each individual boob.

Here we would have the boob shirt tuck. The shirt is tucked under her boobs. Do you see any horizontal folds though? No you do not. Let me add that she needs a breast reduction, her back is going to completely give out in a matter of hours.

Now maybe you can tell why is wrong with Nodoka’s tits, one of the few cons I had with this anime (there are more, but I’m writing a separate post about these things because they apply to most anime).

Suck my dick (just felt like saying that). Here’s the final fucking grade:




Seikon no Qwaiser: Predictions

I’m going to keep this kind of short and sweet….maybe…..but anyway, this was one of the few (three) shows that I planned on checking out this season, mainly due to this dude (Sasha the Martyr), who has a bad ass appearance that just screams “bad ass appearance.”

If you know this show, then you realize that this is only this dude’s “normal everyday” appearance, not his bad ass appearance. His bad ass appearance is much more bad ass, but I’m not going to show you that one (because I’m too lazy to backtrack through the episode and take a screen shot). Basically, this is a dude who doesn’t take shit. Fuck, he doesn’t even take praise, he just handles business.

Anyway, that was the reason for me starting this show. Other than that, I had no idea what this was about. Apparently, it has something to do with God, and Alchemy as well as sick Alchemy fight scenes, which are sick, and awesome.

One thing I didn’t realize that this anime had was a shitload of boobs. There’s tits flying left and right in this show, and depending on which version you watch, these boobs can either be covered, or not. In fact, on of the ways that bad ass dude gets powered up is by sucking tits. He literally drink tit milk for power. Normally, I would find this funny, and awesome. but in this case, I feel like it kind of takes away from the bad assness that this show could be.


Don’t get me wrong, I love tits, but honestly, how can I take anything in this show seriously when there’s stuff like this going on? At least make it like…..match the anime better. Keep in mind that the above scene took place right in the middle of a fucking awesome fight scene, thus  making all of my adrenaline seize, and ruining the fight scene for several seconds (until the fighting commenced, at which point I didn’t care about this anymore). But I do feel like the fan service and bullshit like the above picture does take away from what I wanted out of this originally: Awesome Shit.

That being said, this show still kicks ass, and I am DEFINITELY going to keep watching it.

That being said, I may opt for the censored version, because I think I actually want less retardedness for this show. Here is why I like this show:


  • Clearly there are lesbians.
  • Clearly there is alchemy (because they say so)
  • Clearly there is a bad ass character who is also mysterious.
  • Clearly there are awesome fight scenes.
  • Clearly there is a mysterious background and other mysterious things happening in the shadows.

Taking Away From These Things Is

  • Lots of huge boobs.
  • Blatant and Funny Fanservice.
  • Boob Milk (that’s right, and it’s not even acidic!).
  • More boobs.
  • Girl’s with tremendously large boobs.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love tits (in real life…hell I’ll like em in anime too if they provide humor), but throwing tits in this is like throwing tits in…..well…….a show where tits don’t really belong (maybe like FMA?). They just don’t go with the show. You might get what I’m saying….you might not.
  • There’s also the chance that I’m completely wrong and that the boobs will simply enhance everything.

Now, let it be known that I watched both versions of this first episode (duh), so I made a decision based on a comparison, which version I preferred. So let me say this: If you want some naked tits and some boob suckling, go for the uncensored version and have a blast (maybe even literally, if you like that kind of thing). If you’re looking for subsequently less fanservice, do what I’m doing and watch the censored version, which isn’t as bad, although some scenes piss me off, when there’s dialogue and sound effects, and all there showing is a fucking tree or something. That pisses me off a little, and might have me ending up watching the uncensored version when it’ all said and done. Either way, it’s a good show.

My Prediction

Mafuyu suckles on Tomo’s tits, and gets awesome power. I mean, Mafuyu and Tomo (do I even have their names right?) obviously need to bang by the end of this. Clearly they want to, Mafuyu keeps saying that she wants to get stronger, and the bad ass kid told her that she needs to get stronger. Usually that means that she’s going to get stronger. Likewise, tit milk obviously has a positive effect on people like the bad ass dude, and Tomo (if that’s her name) has huge fucking tits. It just seems like the most likely scenario.

And with that, I say that this show gets the Glo the Legend mark of approval, although it should be taken with caution.