Best OPs of Spring 09?

Did I do this already? I can’t really remember, but if I did, it probably sucked, and since I love OPs in a way that a man loves a woman (sexually), then I might as well put down which ones I think are the most sexually attractive from Spring of 09. I only chose 5, and these 5 only include shows that I am watching. There might be better ones out there, in fact, I’m sure that a couple shows (such as Cross Game and some other show) have sick OPs, but I’m not watching them (yet), so they’re not on the list. Fuck it I just watched every OP, this list is complete. How complete? Every OP from the list of spring shows as taken from Fansub Wiki….that includes the really childish shows… I watched those too.

I’m using the same set up as my Top OPs of All Time posts. I’m not going to link to all four, because I’m a fucking piece of shit, and I hate you all. But I will explain it to you, the reader, so that your small brain doesn’t get confused by my complex set up of OP Titles, which is actually really fucking easy to understand.

Song Rank. Anime Title – Band/Singer Name: Song Name

Here are the only 8 9 that deserve recognition:

8.  Isekai no Seikishi Monogatar – Seira Kagami: Follow Me ft. Sound Around

This song is good. This OP is classy. I have no idea what this anime is, or what it’s about. I guess it’s an OVA. I could look into it, but I’m not going to, because this post is about OPs only, and isn’t a God Damn “First Impressions” post. (I had to look into it anyway, to find the song info).

7. Cross Game – Kobukuro: Summer Rain

YouTube sucks because it doesn’t have the actual OP, which I can’t find anywhere. The actual OP obviously isn’t 5 minutes long, I’ve seen it somewhere else. Cross Game looks like a complete rip off of Touch, (a show I am finally more than halfway done watching, thanks to myself being awesome). but this isn’t a bad thing, and I want to watch Cross Game badly. I’m going to wait till it’s done so I can watch it all at once, in beautiful Glory.

6. Basquash! -Eqrips: nO limiT

The band and title of this song rule. The song rules. The animation is awesome. I like the second version of this OP better, but I can’t find that so here’s the first version. It’s the same song either way. I haven’t watched this show (or any show really) in a while. I don’t know why I even bothered sharing that bit of information. I’m dumb. Next OP.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Yui: Again

It’s Yui. Yui is fucking awesome. If you disagree then you are a big stupid face.

4. Hatsikoi Limited – Sphere Future: Stream

I’m not watching this show. I plan to someday, mainly because this OP is amazing AMAZING. It reminds me of an InuYasha OP, which happens to be one of the best songs for an OP ever in the history of the world. I could probably to an entire post dedicated to this one InuYasha OP…….in fact…I WILL.

“Why come you have no information?”

Yea you may have noticed that this is the actual music video, and not the actual OP, that’s because YouTube took the OP down due to copyright. They’re openings. Wouldn’t it make sense to show them? They might spark an interest in someone, and cause them to watch the show. Of course, they would probably end up streaming the show or downloading it for free anyway, but still). Big middle finger to YouTube (I should say the corporations that tell YouTube to not show their shit, but it’s easier to blame YouTube). I realize I didn’t use proper grammar in that italicized quote.

3. K-ON! -Cagayake Girls!: Sakura Kou Keion Bu (The Seiyu)

It’s a show about a band. The OP better be fucking good. (it is).

2. Natsu no Arashi! – OMOKAGE LUCKY HOLE ft. Mariko Goto: Atashi Nate no Kakate – Binetsu Hen

I fucking love this OP. The trumpets in the beginning/end are awesome, and the same goes for the “Nooo wayyy” in the very beginning. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. Same goes for the show, which, although made me skeptical after the first two episodes, is slowly becoming my favorite show of the season (I’m only on episode 7).


Higashi no Eden – Oasis: Falling Down

Anime + Oasis = Really Good

Anime + Oasis + Really Cool Animation Sequence = SPECTACULAR

I honestly don’t know what to say……..I wish it was a longer OP? Yup. That about sums this one up. Needs to be longer. I especially love the words, which, at times, can be a lot like typography.


I really like OPs a lot. I used to hate them too (back in the day).


Number 9 would be Sengoku BASARA (although it’s kind of Naruto-ish):