Fight Ippatsu! Juudan-chan!!: Wow. Just Wow.

First of all, I would like to extend some birthday wishes to my friend and colleague, Oballer, as he finally has turned 21, and is now a man. I don’t have money and I don’t buy presents, but take pride in knowing that you’ll be getting a huge boost in views courtesy of the link I just provided.

Just when you thought that you would have to wait until the next season of Queen’s Blade to see fanservice become ridiculous, here comes

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

I expected fanservice, but not this.

Okay, so there aren’t scantily clad warriors with huge tits running around, and the plot seems to be at least a little bit more normal (for an anime). But man, Japanese people and their shit.

Premise: A girl named Plug comes from a parrallel dimension, and their jobs in said dinemsion include coming to our dimension to “charge” people up, if their “happiness” level is C or higher. Let me explain this a bit better. Here are the levels of happiness (that’s not really what they’re called, but that’s what they are):

  1. A: Most Depressed, could commit suicide.
  2. B: Depressed. Humans become unmotivated and tired, and in the end, their hearts can become weak.
  3. C: Slightly Depressed. Life energy begins to drop.
  4. D: I don’t even know if there is a “D”. I haven’t seen one, so I’ll assume that there isn’t for whatever reason.
  5. E: Happy, normal.
  6. F: Best.

Plug’s job is to charge those with C-Level depression, to make them happier. She apparently she sucks at it.

Even though Plug can not be seen by people in “our world”, one poorly animated dude named Sentou can randomly see her for no real reason at all:

What's up with this dude's nose? It looks like a piece of shit. Did the animators even try?

What's up with this dude's nose? It looks like a piece of shit. Did the animators even try? This dude is made out of scribbles. His sideburns and eyebrows are the same way. This is going to piss me off for the rest of this show, if I decide not to drop it.

Is the animation poor? Not really, but the character design of Sentou is one of the worst I have ever seen. Anyway, this episode centers around Sentou’s sister, who is a C-Level. On to the fanservice.

Yes, I compared this show to Queen’s Blade. I never thought that any show could be compared to such a borderline porn as Queen’s Blade. But look what I’ve found:

She pissed herself.

Oh look, more piss.

Wow, more piss.

What is it with girls pissing themselves in anime? If they were trying to make the whole “lol she pissed herself” thing humorous, then they really botched it, because it wasn’t that funny. Man, she’s really goin’ for it on that last one. Anyway, somewhere in the middle of the show, they decided to randomly show some tentacle rape in the form of a TV show that Plug randomly started watching:

Random tentacle rape.

There was absolutely no point to having this put in the show. It wasn't even funny, really.

One last thing, the ED. (I don’t remember seeing an OP, come to think of it). I thought that the song was pretty good. As for the video, it was 100% pointless fanservice. This show might as well be porn. Look, even the landmarks in the ED served as fanservice:

It's a Tit-Jetty!

The ED get's my approval, just because this scene is awesome.

Here’s the full thing in case you were curious:

There are two ways this show could go, it could get pretty damn funny, or pretty damn bad. This show looks pretty bad. I might even say it sucks. It’s not really that funny (I thought it would be a lot funnier). The jokes aren’t….well…..they’re aren’t really any jokes. It’s all just fanservice with a stupid plot. I mean, fanservice can be great if used correctly, but this is just dumb. I’ll continue watching it, but I’m not going to guarantee finishing it (I usually try to finish shows, but I’m going to start being more aggressive with them. ie, if it sucks, it’s gone). maybe I should start watching previews:

NOTE: I’m almost positive that that’s the OP (not the ED), but for some reason it showed up it at the end of the episode (at least on the torrent I downloaded). Assume that for every time I said “ED” in this post I meant “OP”.