Queen’s Blade: Let the Magic Continue

They’re making another season. This is certainly good news, as Queen’s Blade is easily the most well written show of the season, and has been applauded for it’s unique storyline and minimal amount of fanservice.

Good, clean, family fun!

Good, clean, family fun!

“What’s good about Queen’s Blade,” said director Kinji Yoshimoto through an interpretter, “is that it can be viewed by all ages, and doesn’t have to stoop to low levels of showing off fanservice like many other shows are doing now.”

Considering that the current season has already been aclaimed by many as the best in years, this news comes as no surprise to the enormous following it has already produced.

“I watch Queen’s Blade mainly for it’s story,” said self-proclaimed #1 Queen’s Blade fan Mike OBrien, “sometimes, the story is so moving, that I am brought to silent tears. And I’m probably not the first to admit that during the episode where Reina get’s her sword fixed, I was wailing and sobbing by the time it was finished. So yea, you can say I’m pretty excited for the new season.”

So far, it looks like Queen’s Blade is becoming an anime for the record books, and the question of whether or not Queen’s Blade can continue it’s stellar writing and imaginitive plot schemes seems all but garanteed for the second season.

Hayate no Gotoku!! 11: Dear God Give Me More

WARNING: This post has a LOT of screenshots and a LOT of style. (watch the episode before reading, but be sure to read directly after, and when you’re done, re-read this shit…..TWICE).

This was the best episode of the new, awesome season. Hands down, thumbs up.  Oh, and by the way? This whole post should b read as though the person reading it is bragging about everything they say. That’s how said the words in my mind when I wrote it. Don’t like it? Suck my mutha fuckin dick. Let’s roll with me (not a typo, bitch).

First of all, they stepped up the amount of breaking the 4th wall humor:



I LOVE that shit. I fucking go bananas over that shit. It’s the best. It’s awesome. It’s found in this episode on several occasions. Which, in effect, made the episode several times more awesomer. Yea, I know that’s not a real word. Deal, with it baby!

Another reason why this episode kicked more ass then the formerly dead, but now returned from the dead Bill the Ass-Kicker is because it had pretty much every character in it, aside from Tama and the other, forgotten head butler dude who I can’t even remember because he never makes appearances in any episodes. Nagi even has lines!!! Izumi gets lost!!! It was great!!! And especially, the stupid, literal humor has returned (when was it really gone?). Just look at this awesome scene:


In this scene, Nagi is saying a really lame thing with a really cool look. Anyone notice THAT!?

Damn right he is. And he’s doing it with fucking style. Not only that, but parody humor is still going strong in Hayate:



Is it just me, or is that a Harry Fucking Potter reference? Those books are fucking awesome, I should know, I’ve read them all more than once twice seven times at least. Yea, I’m what you might call a FUCKING LOSER. But I’m a fucking DAMN GOOD LOOKING FUCKING LOSER. Ha!

Oh, by the way, I’m not so sure I’d like Hinagiku as a wife anymore. She’s a bossy whore!



What are you, my mother? Boom-pow, SURPRISE! OHHHHHHHHH!

Here’s a few more things that make it an awesome episode. Why do these things make it an awesome episode? Because, bitch, EYE SEDSO:


After she snapped the neck, Isumi said, "Especially don't snap the neck."


You bout to get yo wig split son!


Isumi ruling.

The whole “curse” thing was just brilliant. It was a completely retarded and stupid curse in the best way possible. Three words to describe the curse would be “awesome”, “awesome”, and “rambunctious.” Yea that’s right, rambunctious.



She needs an episode dedicated to only her in the worst way possible.


IMPOSSIBLE! UNFATHOMABLE! UNFIXABLE! (wait that didn't make sense)

Holy shit, I got my swag back with this post. I am filled to the brim with ENERGY BABY.

We Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Japan.

These subtitles are obviously fake, but this has got to be the funniest thing that I’ve seen ever. The last time I saw this video was around a year or two ago, and today I re-discovered it and laughed my ass off.

Here’s the actual subtitles just in case you’re curious (I was, because I need to understand them in order to learn how to poop).

Lol. I don’t know what’s funnier, the video or the fact that I actually typed in “poop” in google.

The voices sound very familiar to me. Maybe I’m just delusional…

The Apocolypse is Apon Us

Has anyone heard of this bullshit? Apparently some stuck up, snobby teen bitch got an award for texting. WHO THE FUCK GIVES OUT 50,000 DOLLARS FOR TEXTING??????

People wonder why our economy sucks. It’s all because of people who look to exploit things in order to make a quick buck. I bet that the whole premise behind the movie Idiocracy comes true. I pray that I don’t live that long, because the world gets stupider as I age…..I mean, $50,000, for FUCKING TEXTING??? HOW ABOUT YOU TEACH OR SOMETHING? DO SOMETHING THAT FUCKING MATTERS! THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT.

I’m not knocking the girl who won….I mean it’s not her fault that this whole planet is retarded. I’m just pissed that she was given more than some teachers, and many other hard workers, make in a whole fucking year for doing something as fucking stupid as texting. What. The. Fuck.