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I’ve read/watched most of the other works by Rumiko Takahashi, and by most, I mean two. Perhaps it’s a bit early for this post, but it’s my site, and I’ll do with it as I please.

For those of you who don’t know, InuYasha happens to be my favorite anime/manga (except for Gantz, which rules over all with an iron fist). Let’s look at the facts:

Ranma 1/2

Steadily but surly lost my intrest.

A very famous manga indeed, Ranma 1/2 is about a boy named Ranma who fell in to a cursed spring, and now turns into a girl whenever he is doused in cold water. Hot water has the reverse effect. Ranma has apparently been betrothed by his father to a few girls, the main of these being Akane, a tom-boyish girl at a dojo.

Instead of the manga I watched the show. At first, I was barreling through it at 1000 miles an hour, but when I got to about episode 80-something, I realized that this show’s repetitiveness was really starting to get to me, and I now watch about 1 episode every 3 months. I refuse to drop it though, because I’m so close to the end.

Ususei Yatsura

Steadily but surly lost my intrest.

This anime is about a perverted kid named Ataru, who goes after anything that has breasts and a vagina. His girlfriend somehow puts up with it though, until one day when Aliens decide that, unless Ataru can win a game of tag, they will take over the Earth. Ataru’s tag-mate? A hot alien named Lum. Ataru wins, and a mistake caused Lum to think that Ataru proposed to her, which she accepted. So now a bunch of aliens are running all over and crazy shit starts happening blah blah blah.

I decided to read this manga instead of watching the anime, and I got pretty far (chapter 122) before it’s repetitiveness started to crush me. Honestly, it’s so boring.


Steadily but surly gained and ensared my intrest.

Not only did I watch the anime, but I also read the manga. Neither got boring, as I breezed through the entire manga in about a week, during school with a shitty computer. Yea, I read it on One Manga….wish I bought them instead :/.

As for the series, it contained a lot of fillers, but they didn’t bother me, as I even liked fillers (and I watched the anime before reading the manga, so sometimes I didn’t know what was what). Honestly, InuYasha was one of the first anime that I watched, way back when, and until this day, it’s still one of my favorites. Unlike the other previously stated two, it had a continuous plot. I mean, sure it was drawn out for a really really really long time, but it was still continuous, and if you ask me, I wish it was drawn out even longer.

I still am holding out hope that InuYasha pulls a FMA and decides to continue the anime now that the manga is finished, but not much. I mean, the seiyu did do that one episode special (InuYasha: Kuroi Tessaiga) at the “It’s a Rumic World” convention, but I have yet to hear nor see any information regarding that. I want to at least see that damn episode! It’s been a whole year and still no DVD? Not even a streaming? Maybe they’re waiting to put it out along with an announcement for a new season in December this year? (Highly highly doubt it). I mean, the seiyu and production company put all this money into this one episode, you’d think they try and get some dough for it, you know? Either way, I really want to see this damn episode, but it looks like that’s impossible.


Well, all of these shows had pretty large and diverse casts, but all of them included several similar characters:

Lecher: Miroku, Ataru, Happosai

Annoying Stupid Character: Shippo, Ten, Happosai (These could be the three stupidest characters ever)

Side Girl With Strong Personality: Sango, Ukyo, Benten

Main Girl Who Has Feelings: Kagome, Shinobu, Akane

Let me sum up this Post:

Ranma 1/2 = Repetitive and boring

Urusei Yatsura = Repetitive and boring

InuYasha = Continuous plot and awesome

See a trend? Make more InuYasha now. End.

Gantz 300: Ze Germans?

What is Gantz? The answers are coming. ALL OF THE ANSWERS ARE COMING!!!!! And then, the manga can end soon, and some studio can re-make the entire show, so that it’s actually good! Err, well, I highly doubt that last part will happen, but if the Giants and Red Sox can win championships in the same year, anything’s possible.


Look at all them therr Gantzers!

Remember that damn reporter? Kikuchi? I didn’t. I had pretty much forgot about him nosing into everyone’s business. But he’s back in this chapter, just in time to get an interview with that German president of Maier Bachern, aka the main man, the head cheese, the top dog, th-  Okay, okay, you get it. He’s the guy in charge of the Gantz production line, aka, he makes Gantz…..err…..Gantzes (What the hell is the plural for Gantz? Is it just Gantz? Fuck me and my shitty grammar/spelling). So yea, it looks like we’re going to finally learn the whos, whats, whens, wheres, hows, and whys of Gantz.

The truth will be revealed by this old German man!

3 Weeks of consecutive releases of Gantz's mysterious! That's what I'm talkin about!

In other news, Sakurai got a cat scan, and apparently the bomb inside of his head (you know the one placed there by Gantz) is no longer there, giving him, and Real-Kurono the belief that Gantz is really and truly over. If you ask me, that’s complete bullshit. There’s no way they’re out of it yet. But yea that’s pretty much the whole chapter. I would guess that the main idea of this chapter was to build anticipation for the next three, which will all be about uncovering the truths behind Gantz.