Gantz 301: I Win

Yes, I finally posted a chapter review before this mutha fucka. BOOYAH! So here is the first of three back to back to back (weekly) chapters of Gantz. Finally we start learning about Gantz, what it is, and why it was made.

Gantz good, good, that isn't supposed to make sense.

In this episode (there’s no “episodes” in manga, dumbass), we get right into the interview that whatsisname had with that guy. That guy explained some stuff about his company, and his fat daughter was there too. Then there was laughing. This whole thing sucks I need to start over.

Okay, so in this chapter, Kikuchi continues (or begins really) his interview with the top dog at Maier Bachern. The president speaks in German (durrr), and is translated by some dude, who knows how to translate German into Japanese (durrr). He does a good job and I would hire him if I needed a translator to translate between German and Japanese, which I do not. He reveals that Gantz is aired across the globe to private parties, and bets are placed on them. Basically, Gantz is a television game show, which is what Nishi said in the beginning. How did this German ass hole devise this multi-million dollar affair? By listening to his fat, retarded daughter (I am going straight to hell).

What a.....err......cute daughter you have, sir.

Basically he determined that his daughter was communicating to him with numbers, and he decoded it, and realized that she was telling him how to save his company. It worked, so I’m not going to question it. What was actually said by the fat, mentally impaired daughter, we don’t exactly find out, as the interview ended with Kikuchi baffled as to how he could write a book on this whole thing (which was the same case with CNN and BBC, according to the Pres.).

At the end of the chapter, Kikuchi meets some guy. Yea. That’s it. The End. Game Over. I can’t wait a new chapter next week.

NOTE: I may stop reading chapters and let the manga run for a while. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself. (I haven’t said that in a while). I will at least read the next 2 chapters, because there’s still a bunch of Gantz questions yet to be revealed, and I wanna see what the answers are.

Asu no Yoichi: First Impressions

Yes, this is a complete filler post, not that I really need a filler post, considering that I write 500 posts a day, and should actually probably cut down on writing posts. Whatever bitch, I got something to say, and I ain’t gonna delay. Suck my dick here’s a post:

Asu no Yoichi!

This show doesn't suck. It's good.

This show is awesome, and kicks ass, and I’ll be done tonight most likely, because it’s fucking short.

Premise: You’ve probably seen this already, or at least heard about it. You should have watched it already, because it’s fucking good. It’s pretty much your typical story:

“Dude who lived his whole life training in the mountains is sent by his father/master to the real world to live with a bunch of girls in a dojo in a city.”

The “dude” is Yoichi, and he’s nasty at fighting. Too nasty in fact, which is why his dad sent him to the city (he had nothing left to teach him).

What I like:

  • Samurai in present world.
  • Cool characters.
  • Good comedy/episode plots that make me want to watch the show (ie: I don’t get up and do something else halfway through an episode).
  • The animation actually seems good.
  • Boob humor (that’s like, two awesome things put together, you can’t go wrong really)

Defining features?

I was expecting this situation to come up from the second Kagome went off by herself. It didn't let me down.

I was expecting this situation to come up from the second Kagome went off by herself. It didn't let me down.

What I am neutral on:

  • Fan-service

I’ll honestly say that I didn’t expect a fan-service show, but whatever, it’s all good.

Before I say that this anime looks like a solid 5 or higher, well, okay this post is over.