Natsu no Arashi 9: OMG, PUN.






In case you don’t get the PUN, they were talking about bringing a fish (which had gone bad) back in time a certain amount of  days, then weeks, then eventually 6 months, so that it would be fresh again, and they could eat it. Of course, everyone is dumb for thinking this could work, except for Kaja (pictured above), who actually understands the laws of time, and realizes that this would not change the age of the fish. Afterward, they realize (or think they realize) that if they took it back 6 months, then it wouldn’t even be packaged, and Kaja drops this huge ass PUN-BOMB right on everyone’s head!

Kaja rules hard!

I would love to see a show devoted to the art or the pun…

By the way, in this episode Natsu no Arashi tries to convey the laws of time and time travel. They don’t understand shit:


You didn't save them at all. History shows that they died, therefore, they died. You can't change History you stupid fucks.

Or, perhaps they never died in the first place, and everyone just thought they did. It pisses me off that people can’t understand something as simple as time travel. I almost couldn’t watch this episode….I don’t get how in episode one, (and other episodes) Natsu no Arashi did a perfect job of abiding by the laws of time travel, but other times, they completely contradict themselves, and the laws of time travel no longer apply.

THAT BEING SAID, there is a possibility that people like Kaja and Arashi have powers that can create parallel dimensions, as discussed. I can accept this, and even if I’m wrong, I will accept this.

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